Mind Over Murder

Among detectives, it’s an advantage to think like the criminal thinks.

The new NET News documentary Mind Over Murder details techniques used by behavioral crime scene analysts and examines the psychological aspects of criminal forensics.  Using fascinating true crimes as examples, the program sheds light on how these skills have potential to help law enforcement head off violent crime. It’s a matter of Mind Over Murder.




Is a bizarre murder an isolated case or the work of a serial killer? Explore a notorious Nebraska homicide case and find out how behavioral analysis of the crime scene led to an arrest.
 Search Warrants:
In recent years, police have found formal analysis of the behavior of the suspect useful while preparing search warrants in criminal cases. Experts are called in to analyze a suspect’s behavior and help identify what additional evidence may be found at a crime scene that can build a case in court.

Research now helps police study the behavior of someone who may be on the verge of a violent attack. Find out how police at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln rely on forensic psychology to develop a threat assessment.
 Resources:More information about profiling, behavioral analysis, threat assessment and the people and places featured in Mind Over Murder.