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Tuesday, January 23
01:30 pm Legislative Hearing: Banking, Commerce and Insurance - Room 1507 Nebraska Banking Commerce and Insurance
01:30 pm Legislative Hearing: Education Committee - Room 1525 Nebraska Education Committee
01:30 pm Legislative Hearing: Agriculture Committee - Room 2102 Nebraska Agriculture Committee
01:30 pm Legislative Hearing: Transportation & Telecommunications - Room 1113 Nebraska Transportation and Telecommunications
Wednesday, January 24
09:00 am Unicameral: Legislative Session Nebraska Legislative Session
12:00 pm Legislative Hearing: Executive Board - Room 2102 Nebraska Executive Board
01:30 pm Legislative Hearing: Judiciary Committee - Room 1113 Nebraska Judiciary Committee
01:30 pm Legislative Hearing: Government, Military and Veterans Affairs - Room 1507 Nebraska Government Military and Veterans Affairs
01:30 pm Legislative Hearing: Revenue Committee - Room 1524 Nebraska Revenue Committee
01:30 pm Legislative Hearing: Natural Resources Committee - Room 1525 Nebraska Natural Resources


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