Keeping Nebraska Local: A Unique Approach to Resource Management

Nebraska prides itself on “The Good Life” its citizens enjoy. An abundance of natural and human resources make it possible for the state to be an agricultural leader, known for scientific and technological research, innovation and stewardship. When people think about quality of life, generally the things that come to mind are:

  • abundance of water for agriculture, municipalities, industry and recreation;
  • beautiful landscapes and plenty of places for public access for recreation and to connect with nature;
  • infrastructure to protect citizens in the event of floods and other extreme weather;
  • local leaders who are watching out for the future of all of these. 

Relatively few Nebraskans realize that all of these are safeguarded by the unique system of twenty-three Natural Resources Districts across the state. Keeping Nebraska Local explains how these districts were created, how they have evolved, and how they continue to protect lives, protect property, and protect the future for all Nebraskans. This NET Connects program is co-produced in partnership with the Nebraska Association of Resources Districts.

NRD Focus Areas (Excerpts from Full Program)

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