Good, Healthy Life: Cancer Today


Episode 3: Cancer Today

Few Nebraskans have not been touched by cancer.  There are more than 100 types, they can start anywhere in the body and are different in the way they grow and spread.  All this makes cancer one of medicine's biggest challenges.

More people are surviving cancer than in the past.  But, because people are living longer, cancer is becoming more common at the same time.  In this episode we'll learn about cancer prevention, research and treatment that could help all of us deal with the disease. 

Meet the panelists:

Alan G. Thorson, MD, FACS

Dr. Alan Thorson is a colon and rectal surgeon in Omaha and affiliated with many hospitals in the area.  Dr. Thorson is a past President of the American Cancer Society.  Dr. Thorson has board certification from the American Board of General Surgery and the American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery.  Medical training for Dr. Thorson includes time at the University of Minnesota and the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Josue Gutierrez, MD
Dr. Gutierrez is a Family Medicine Physician at Saline Medical Specialties in Crete.  He is a graduate of the University of Arkansas, Little Rock, Medical School.  Dr. Gutierrez had residency at the Lincoln Family Medicine Educational Partnership. Dr. Gutierrez is a member of the American Academy of Family Practice.  Dr. Guttirrez is fluent in English, Spanish and American Sign Language.

Melanie Dawkins
Series Host
Ms. Dawkins is an experienced television host and anchor.  Her career includes twelve years in the television field, reporting on a wide range of subjects.  She has experience reporting on a number of health topics while working closely with the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, which included weekly health stories. Ms. Dawkins has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications/Broadcast Journalism.

Susan Bockrath, Neb. Assoc. Local Health Directors

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