Good, Healthy Life

Good, Healthy Life is a series produced by NET

with Nebraska health partners


 New on episode 5:
Mental Health

premieres August 22 7PM CT & August 25 Noon CT on NET World

More about the series:

Big business

Health care in America accounts for about one-sixth of the entire economy.  More than any other industry. It’s become a myriad of insurance costs, changing government policies and skyrocketing pharmaceutical costs, while many other countries are not having the same experience. Good, Healthy Life takes a look at how America’s health system got to be where it is and how consumers can navigate it.   

Health at a personal level            

Cancer and heart disease are the two leading causes of death among Nebraskans.* Two serious and high profile illnesses.  They account for nearly half of the deaths in the state.  That means though, that all other causes of death together account for the other half.   For example, accidents are the fifth leading cause of death. There are a myriad of health and wellness issues Nebraskans could learn more about that could help them live longer and healthier lives.  Good, Healthy Life will examine the causes of illnesses, how Nebraskans can prevent them and how they can recover.

*report cited

Up-to-date health information, available to all Nebraskans via NET Television

Along with health partners, NET Television begins a long term effort focused on the health and well-being of Nebraskans.  Good, Healthy Life partners with healthcare providers, medical facilities and others associated with wellness, to address health concerns, offer practical guidance for healthy living and provide information for those who are affected when a loved-one deals with a health issue. 

This effort can save and improve lives            

Good, Healthy Life will be produced on multiple platforms.  Television programming, web content and promotion will all be part of Good, Healthy Life series.  An advisory team will inform what topics to examine and who the leaders are in the state to address them.  These programs will be studio based with informative discussion and will include some pre-produced segments.  The series will feature medical and wellness professionals, real Nebraskans dealing with and overcoming health issues and local and national health policy experts.

Helping Nebraska families become and stay healthy

Programming will reach viewers on NET World and is also available on demand. Like NET, the partners are driven by educational and altruistic motives. Good, Healthy Life is intended to expand the audience receiving healthcare information.

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