Gang Fight Nebraska

There are hundreds of gangs and more than 5,000 gang members in Nebraska. And experts say these numbers are not declining. Gang activity can be found in almost every part of the state. Gang members are killing, stealing, dealing drugs and guns; more than half of the murders in Omaha in 2010 were gang related.

Gang Fight: Nebraska examines the current landscape of gang activity in Nebraska, and efforts to fight back. The television documentary is centered on a boxing gym founded in gang-rich South Omaha by a convict-turned-minister who's trying to keep kids away from lifestyle he once embraced. One of the teenage boxers, a former gang member, gives viewers an inside look at gang life and its appeal to young people. We also talk with law enforcement, researchers and community leaders about problems and solutions, and visit Columbus, Nebraska, to examine the growth of gangs in rural areas.

Video Extras

Luis Rodriguez talks about his life as a South Omaha gang member, how he got away from gang life, his boxing career and his... more››
Interview with Servando Perales, a former gang member who through faith in God left the gang life style and dedicated himself to... more››
Longtime South Omaha gang intervention specialist Alberto Gonzalez talks about the appeal of gangs and getting young people away... more››
Bruce Ferrell is a former Omaha Police gang officer who now works with police throughout Nebraska and serves as president of a... more››
Mike Tobias interviews Alex Hayes who discusses the evolution of gangs in Omaha, NE. Discussion on why kids join and... more››
Pete Simi, an associate professor of criminal justice at University of Nebraska at Omaha and gang researcher, talks about gangs... more››
Kenneth Allen, who grew up in north Omaha and is now pastor of Zion Baptist Church, talks about gang problems, causes and... more››
Willie Barney, founder of Omaha's Empowerment Network, talks about keeping young people out of gangs and efforts to deal with... more››
Gang problems in Columbus, and how the community is dealing with it, with perspective from Columbus police officer Gilbert... more››