On the Frontline: Nebraskans at War in Iraq

Roadside bombs, rocket-propelled grenades and sniper attacks. These dangers were part of an average day for Nebraska Army National Guard soldiers serving in the Iraqi city of Ramadi, a community a little smaller than Omaha. Though thousands of Nebraska National Guard soldiers have been deployed recently, none have seen more hazardous duty than the 63 soldiers from Troop A of the 1-167th Calvary.

NET Television tells the compelling stories of this unit through in-depth interviews, soldier profiles and images the soldiers brought home from Iraq in "On The Frontline: Nebraskans at War in Iraq."

During their Iraqi deployment, this group of Nebraska Army National Guard soldiers provided security for brigade commanders, protected explosive experts dealing with roadside bombs and served as first responders to bombings and other incidents. They participated in thousands of missions, all the time under fire.

Back in Nebraska, these men are students, businessmen, factory workers and police officers, as well as husbands, fathers, sons and brothers. The unit is based in Hastings, Neb., but the soldiers have connections to cities and towns across the state. For some of the soldiers, this marked the third overseas deployment since 2001.

"On The Frontline: Nebraskans at War in Iraq" also examines how the civilian and family lives of these men were changed by this 18-month training and active duty assignment, in visible and invisible ways