CSI on Trial: The Investigation

In 2006 someone brutally murdered Wayne and Sharmon Stock, a respected farm couple, in their Murdock, Nebraska home. The Cass County Sheriff quickly suspected a nephew, Matt Livers. Livers confessed and claimed his cousin Nick Sampson helped him. Days later evidence from the crime scene, including a DNA match, led to the arrest of the real killers: a pair of out-of-state teenagers.

Reviewing video of the confession, experts discovered Livers confession was completely false. Learn more about that here.

Police reports obtained by NET News show how quickly police zeroed in on Matt Livers. Here are a selection of documents that show the progress of the case.

Video Clips

Investigators consulted Nebraska State Patrol crime scene analyst Gary Plank for insight into the mindset of the then unknown... more››
Early on detectives felt certain there were two people involved in the killings based on the analysis of Douglas County CSI... more››
Three key pieces of evidence left behind at the crime scene were the most crucial links to the real killers. Douglas County CSI... more››