CSI on Trial: Fake Evidence

After becoming one of the most prominent law enforcement officers in the State of Nebraska, David Kofoed, former commander of the Douglas County Sheriff’s CSI unit, now finds himself in prison. An FBI investigation revealed he prepared a swab with the blood of murder victim Wayne Stock and passed it off as a discovery he made in what was believed to be the getaway car used by the suspects. Later it was learned the Cass County Sheriff had arrested the wrong men, meaning there was no easy way the victim’s blood could have found its way to the car. Kofoed claims the swab was contaminated at the crime scene. The special prosecutor and ultimately the judge said it was all a fake in an attempt to take some credit for solving the case.

A whistle-blowers complaint within the Douglas County Sheriff’s CSI unit triggered the investigation that ultimately put the commander of the group in prison. Here are the notes from the Nebraska State Patrol investigator who took the statement from crime scene technician Darnell Cook.

Suspicions about Kofoed’s handling of the evidence increased because reports prepared by he and another investigator concerning the processing of the suspected get-away car did not match up. Here are those reports with notes about what made FBI investigators suspicious.

Video Clips

Special prosecutor Clarence Mock lays out his case against David Kofoed.
David Kofoed claims he’s innocent and the victim of a misunderstanding. Here’s his version of what happened.
Veteran CSI Don Veys on the importance of the integrity of evidence collection.