CSI on Trial

False confession. Fake evidence.
It became one of the most controversial crime stories in recent Nebraska history.

NET News investigated the case and shares the story in the fascinating documentary CSI On Trial.
In 2006 a shotgun-toting killer murdered a respected farm couple in their Murdock, Nebraska home. Before it was over two innocent men spent nearly a year in jail, the real killers were caught on a lucky break, a crime scene investigator was put on trial for planting evidence, and a family was left confused and divided over how it all could have happened.

Investigative journalist Bill Kelly of NET News spent a year attending trials, interviewing key participants, and reviewing thousands of pages of documents. His research unveils a case that put police procedure out in public and on trial.

It’s also the story of how creative work by a crime scene investigator followed one key piece of evidence…a single gold ring… that revealed the identities of two killers on the verge of getting away with murder.

Why were two men jailed for a murder they didn’t commit? Learn more about why police arrested the wrong men and how the real killers were caught.

Why did Matt Livers, an innocent man, confess to murder? Watch his police interview and find out more about false confessions.

What led respected CSI David Kofoed to plant evidence? Watch key court testimony and see the evidence.

More information about integrity in crime scene investigation and the people featured in the show.


Jessica Reid was convicted of two counts of first degree murder along with Gregory Fester. Reid spoke to NET News while in the Women’s Correctional Center.