Casting Call to Curtain Call

This one-hour observational documentary goes behind the scenes at one of the most successful community theaters in the country as it stages the Charles Dickens holiday classic, A Christmas Carol.      

Every November, the Omaha Community Playhouse performs A Christmas Carol to enthusiastic crowds from across the region.  But what the audience doesn’t see are the awkward, funny, strange and inspiring moments that happen long before the curtain opens.  From the backstage struggles to the onstage camaraderie, this documentary explores the creative process that takes this holiday tradition from the page to the stage.

In NET Television’s “Casting Call to Curtain Call,” cameras document every step of the process from the nerve-wracking auditions to the demanding 6-week rehearsal schedule.  It is a nightly blend of laughter and struggle in preparation for opening night and a revelation for those who have never seen behind the curtain at a theatre production. 

The creative team behind this program is Producer/Director Michele Wolford, Editor/Videographer Brian Seifferlein and Audio Engineer/Sound Mixer Jim Lenertz.  “Casting Call to Curtain Call” was made possible with the support of the Nebraska Arts Council and Nebraska Cultural Endowment.  




Deleted and Extended Scenes

Those auditioning for A Christmas Carol can choose their own song… and one song was especially popular.
In this extra scene not featured in the documentary, Carl Beck directs the young cast members playing "Marley's Minions."
The backstage staff and crew work to create and then automate carts that bring set pieces on and off stage.
In this extra scene, we visit the wig station where the Wig Crew assists actors with their elaborate hair pieces.
What do you do when one of your actors is sick on opening night? You punt.
In this extra scene, we follow the Ghost of Christmas Present as he prepares to go on stage to start Act II on opening night.
In this montage, we show some of the footage shot backstage and behind the scenes using a special night vision camera.
In this longer version of a scene from the documentary, we learn a little bit more about Charles Jones and A Christmas Carol.
In this longer version of a scene from the documentary, we learn that no one person can prepare the cast for opening night.
In this longer version of a scene from the program, staff members discuss the importance of bringing their best to the show.
In this longer version of a scene from the program, the rehearsals are long and the directors give notes.
In this extra scene, lead actor Jerry Longe helps bring some extra energy to the rehearsals.
In this extended version of a scene in the program, we visit the costume shop at the Omaha Community Playhouse.