Beef State: Video Extras

One of the dividends of producing a program like “Beef State” is amassing an archive of oral history that both complements the main story and represents a moment in time.

Program producer Olive Bucklin and editor Brian Seifferlein selected 11 "short stories" that offer unique and surprising perspectives on raising cattle and working in the beef industry. "Voices of the West" portray this personal point of view.

Voices of the West:

Jack and John Maddux, a father-and-son team who own the Maddux Cattle Company, tell the story of their failed initial attempt to... more››
John Maddux tells the story of his grandfather's deathbed admonitions to his dad.
John Maddux says he's from a "mixed" family: his grandmother was an FDR Democratic and his grandfather was a hardcore Republican.
John Sibbitt had more than 3,500 cattle for sale the day President Kennedy was killed. The sale went on, but when it came time to... more››
Melvin Nation and his daughters drove a lot of cattle in good weather and bad. But one day they set off in a cold drizzle that... more››
Melvin Nation was 21 when he went to work for Bill Coffee at the Coffee Ranch. Both men had their ups and downs with one another... more››
Melvin Nation remembers riding a runaway horse bareback at the age of four.
Melvin Nation describes what horses represent for him: Therapy. Says Nation, "The greatest feeling on earth to me, even yet, is... more››
John Sibbitt says he's always done business with a handshake. Melvin Nation and Jack Maddux agree that your word is your bond.
Montage of Keith County farmers haying on the Haythorn Ranch.
Scenes from the Sibbitt, Monahan and Haythorn Ranches as they go about the annual branding ritual.