'68: Remembering '68

Remembering '68

68: The Year Nebraska Mattered REVISITED

A half-hour discussion program on other events
that shaped the political and cultural landscape in 1968.


People Appearing in the Program


Anne Boyle
Anne Howell Boyle emerged from one of Omaha’s leading "old guard" political families to assume the chairmanship of the State Democratic Party and to serve on the Public Service Commission. In this video, Anne remembers the assassinations of 1968.
Mike Boyle
Mike Boyle started in government service as a deputy election commissioner in 1968 and went on to become Mayor of Omaha and a member of the Douglas County Board. In this video, Mike recalls the excitement of the primary season.

John Green
The entire Green family was drawn into Bobby Kennedy's campaign in 1968. Their father, Jim Green, coordinated RFK’s Nebraska effort. John Green remains active in the Democratic Party and serves on the board of the Omaha Public Power District. In this video, John retells the story of his sister's encounter with Kennedy.

Christine Howells Reed
Christine Howells Reed worked for the McCarthy campaign from its start in New Hampshire though the Democratic National Convention. Today she teaches in the School of Public Administration at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. This video contains clips of McCarthy's views.

John Prescott
As the editor of the UNO student newspaper, The Gateway, John Prescott had a unique vantage point of the events of 1968. He went on to work as a journalist at KMTV and WOWT. He remembers fighting for and then salvaging and preserving much of the film used in the documentary.

Tom Monaghan
The Monaghans had the 1968 campaigns delivered to their front door as students at Creighton University. Tom Monaghan went on to lead the State Democratic Party and to serve as U.S. Attorney in Nebraska in the Clinton administration.
Judy Monaghan
Judy Monaghan works as a campaign consultant for national and local candidates. In this video, Judy and Tom recall the anger and violence surrounding Wallace's American Party convention.

Archie Godfrey
When Robert Kennedy’s campaign approached Archie Godfrey to help reach voters on Omaha’s near north side, he temporarily left the Republican Party he’d been brought up in. He continued to work in politics and promote public participation in the city’s black community. In this video, Archie recalls the relationship between RFK and the black community.

John Y. McCollister
By the end of 1968, John Y. McCollister had decided it was time to run for Congress and succeeded two years later. He’d been the lone Republican on the Douglas County Board. He continues to promote and advise his party’s candidates for office. In this video, John remembers Richard M. Nixon.

Lou Lamberty
After voting for conservative Barry Goldwater in 1964, Lou Lamberty was too shaken by the Vietnam War to support the status quo. His first work as a volunteer for Eugene McCarthy led to a lifetime of political work in the Democratic Party. In this video, Lou remembers what it was like to canvas for a candidate.

Terry Forsberg
Forsberg, the lead reporter for KMTV in Omaha, had a front row seat at many of the most important political events of 1968 in Nebraska. In this video, Terry summarizes what was so interesting about 1968.