Paleo Sleuths

In NET’s documentary Paleo Sleuths, paleontologists unearth fossils showing how America’s wildlife evolved as climate...

Growing Old Gambling

Baby Boomers are more at-risk of becoming caught in the grip of out-of-control gambling as revealed in this new NET special...


December, 2018
As a result of light pollution, nearly 80% of Americans cannot see the Milky Way from their homes at night. In this 360-video, join a group of people who travel to the Sand Hills to reconnect with nature's nocturnal majesty.
After Ebola
Nebraska And The Next Pandemic
The personal stories of medical professionals in the Nebraska Biocontainment Unit and lessons learned from the Ebola crisis.
A group of scientists are experimenting with drones to see if this developing technology can be used to combat wildfires and save lives. Follow along on their first “real-world” scenario as they perform a prescribed burn at... more››
It's totally part of the game to get down and dirty in the annual soil judging contest. Watch agronomy students from regional colleges jump at the chance to identify, evaluate, classify and describe soil profiles. http://... more››
Scientists at Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium discuss their conservation efforts.

Science | Nebraska

About 500,000 Americans are diagnosed with Lyme disease each year. A Boston-based company is developing a shot that fights against the most common insect-borne disease in the country.
The University of Nebraska Medical Center has joined an international consortium that will work to prevent emerging animal-to-human infectious diseases. Dr. David Brett-Major is a medical epidemiologist and the principal investigator for UNMC.
Two Creighton University professors have recently published research that explores the rising anti-vaccination trend, specifically in California.
A Lincoln middle school science and English teacher, named the state’s most innovative educator this week, plans to use award money to better herself as a teacher.
About 3,500 Nebraska kids and teens will showcase their 4-H projects at the State Fair this year, and some of the projects this year might surprise you.