American Spring Live: Bird Cams Lab

What is a citizen scientist?

Quick Information

Ever wonder what birds do when we are not watching them? Well, check out the Bird Cams Lab to see! This project allows viewers from around the world to make new discoveries through live streaming. In addition, there are archived cam footage so you do not miss a thing!

We invite you to help us with two activities.

  1. Watching feeder birds and being attentive to their certain behaviors on the Cornell Lab FeederWatch Cam. While observing the behaviors, develop ideas and questions for possible scientific investigations as a group. Also, online via Twitter in a virtual “Wonder” space.
  2. You can also observe how birds interact with one another at feeders. Participating in a Battling Birds activity can be done at the Cornell Lab FeederWatch Cam by watching archived video clips. Also,   take part in a new activity called Hawk Talk. In this activity, you can document how red-tailed hawks behave and vocalize.

Join in helping make new discoveries, check out all the ways to get involved at

Fun Facts

Hawk Talk, What Is It?

  • Hawk Talk is a research investigation created in the summer of 2018. A group of volunteer cam watchers spent weeks observing the Red-tailed Hawk cams to ultimately brainstorm one question to investigate.
  • The question they voted on was: Do hawks use different kinds of calls in different situations at the nest?
  • Theories of the Red-tailed Hawks vocalizations have been observed before, however the limitations of hearing them on the ground or when briefly checking a nest allowed for little support.
  • Therefore, the 24/7 Red-tailed Hawk cams allow for us to document vocalizations without disturbing the birds!

Red-tailed Hawk, Did You Know?

  • They have an essential role in the local ecosystems by controlling the populations of small mammals.
  • Red-tailed Hawks are not afraid to steal prey from other raptors.
  • Even though they are willing to steal prey, they are not desperate for food. Red-tailed Hawks do not have to eat every day.