What is HD Radio?

What is HD Radio?

What is HD Radio? How can I hear it? Here are answers to some questions you may have about this new NET Radio service.

HD Radio is the brand name for a method of digital radio transmission. The HD Radio system allows stations to broadcast digital audio, multiple program streams and traditional FM, all on the same frequency. The "HD" is sometimes said to stand for "high definition" or "hybrid digital," but is actually just part of the trademarked logo. You will not be able to listen to HD Radio on your current radio as it is broadcast with a digital signal, rather than analog. Radios capable of receiving the HD signal will display the HD Radio logo.

NET Radio's transmitters broadcast our main service in HD, as well as in our original analog format. We are now offering an additional service (or program stream) that we're calling HD-2. It is also available to listen to live online at netNebraska.org/radio, as is our main service. HD-2's program schedule includes many unique programs not heard on our main service, with NPR news throughout the day and jazz at night. Click here for the complete program schedule.

How is HD Radio different from analog radio?

HD Radio's all-digital signal is said to rival the sound quality of CDs.When listening to HD Radio indoors, some people will need to use an antenna to receive a quality signal.

What is the difference between digital radio and HD Radio?

Essentially they are the same thing. HD Radio is a brand name and has become the term used for the technique of broadcasting digital AM and FM radio signals alongside the analog signal.

Is HD Radio the same as satellite radio?

No. Although you will need an HD Radio to listen to digital radio signals, there is no monthly fee as there is with satellite radio.

Where Can I Buy HD Radios

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You can also select an HD Radio as your thank you gift when you make a donation to NET of $30/month or more. Click here or visit netNebraska.org/donate.


Can I get HD Radio across the state?

All of NET Radio's main transmitters are broadcasting in HD, but distance from the transmitter site and terrain can sometimes impact reception. Some listeners may need an additional antenna to receive HD Radio.

Anyone can tune in to NET Radio's HD-2 service online at: