Top 10 Picks from The Verge

From NET Radio Music Director Genevieve Randall

Top Ten Things host of The Verge, Genevieve Randall, recommends hearing from the last 500 shows.

The Verge (classical music with a twist) is broadcast across Nebraska's NET Radio network Sunday nights 7-9 CT, streamed live on NET Radio Nebraska App and

  1. “Mini Skirt” by Juan Garcia Esquivel, arranged by Osvaldo Golijov for the Kronos Quartet on their album Nuevo.  It’s entirely too much fun with samples of voice and other sounds, including, briefly, a theremin.

  2. Group cello music: the Rastrelli Cello Quartet, Matt Haimovitz and UCCello, Conjunto Iberico and the Twelve Cellists of the Berlin Philharmonic.

  3. The album Spin from the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet

  4. Alias Chamber Ensemble’s recording of “26.2” written by Kenji Bunch, a tone poem about running the New York Marathon depicting the experiences of the runners internally and the changing music they might hear along the route.

  5. “Folk Tune Rhapsody II” by Johannes Motschmann recorded by the ensemble Spark, the self-described “classical band.”

  6. Toby Twining’s “Nightmare Rag” from The Art of the Toy Piano, performed on both piano and toy piano by Margaret Leng Tan

  7. The “Atom Heart Club Suite No. 1” written by Takashi Yoshimatsu.  The composer’s idea was that the comic book character Mighty Atom or Astro Boy would shake up elements of the Beatles; Emerson, Lake and Palmer; Pink Floyd and Yes…for orchestra.

  8. Brooklyn Rider’s recording of “Plume” by composer Ljova. It’s like Piazzolla’s “new tango”, but this is the new, new tango.

  9. From the album Kremerland recorded by Kremerata Baltica, “Fantasy Variations on a Theme by Mozart” for piano strings and percussion by Leonid Chizhik.  Imitation…and apparently variations…are the highest form of flattery.

  10. The quirky track “Left Hand Song” by Regina Spektor from the Joshua Bell album At Home With Friends.