Nebraska Concerts

In August we feature encores from earlier this year:

8/6 (from 2/19)Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra, “Avi Avital & Beethoven’s ‘Eroica,’” featuring mandolinist Avi Avital (recorded 4/30/16); and, Lincoln Organ Showcase, Brian Jones and Bruce Adami, Organ & Piano Duo, Part 2 (recorded 4/10/16)

Beethoven’s enormous Eroica symphony rewrote a lot of rules. "That damned hornist!” his Friend Ferdinand Ries exclaimed at the first rehearsal, mistakenly thinking the player had missed his cue, “Can't he count? It sounds frightfully wrong." But of course it wasn’t wrong at all, just revolutionary. Hear it performed by Lincoln's Symphony Orchestra, as well as Vivaldi and Dorfman played by Grammy Award winning mandolinist Avi Avital.

8/13 (from 3/26)Nebraska Chamber Players with Ed Polochick and Diane Barger, “Live Broadcast Concert” (recorded 5/1/16); and, UNL Wind Ensemble, “Common Threads," Part 2 (recorded 2/25/16)

No matter what your fancy, you’re sure to find something you like on this episode of Nebraska Concerts. The Nebraska Chamber Players play musical chairs. Music for winds, music for strings – music for piano with winds and strings. Plus a few other surprises as well.

8/20 (from 4/23) - Lincoln's Symphony Orchestra, "New World Symphony," Ed Polochick, conductor and Anton Miller, violin (recorded 9/16/16); and, 2016 Meadowlark Music Festival, Part 1, featuring violinists Misha and Anna Vayman from Grace Lutheran Church in Walton (recorded 7/9/16)

When Samuel Barber was asked to write a violin concerto, he could hardly have imagined the drama that would follow. The violinist’s teacher hated the first two movements and boycotted his lessons. The soloist thought them perfectly fine, but hated the third movement. A three person war was launched and not one of them budged an inch. And that is how Samuel Barber’s violin concerto ended up NOT being premiered, at least for a while. Here it on this concert, along with Dvorak's much loved Symphony No. 9 'From the New World'.

8/27 (from 5/21) - Lincoln Friends of Chamber Music, Windsync (recorded 9/8/16); and Lincoln Organ Showcase, Thomas Heywood, Part 1 (recorded 9/25/16)

You could call them sophisticated whistlers. That is after all what organs and woodwinds do. They – and us -- are at the mercy of their handlers, who transform gusts of air into the sublime tones we call music. Listen to organist Thomas Heywood and the five members of Windsync turn air into sound.

In September, look for new performances from the Omaha Symphony, Dover String Quartet, Lincoln's Symphony Orchestra, organist Benjamin Sheen, and the Nebraska Chamber Players.

This weekly program airs Sundays at 1 p.m. Central on all stations of the NET Radio network.  It is produced and edited by Dave Hughes. Robert Goldberg is the scriptwriter and host.  Most of the concerts are recorded by James Duchesneau and Jeff Smith. UNL Glenn Korff School of Music recordings are courtesy of Jeffrey O'Brien.  Nebraska Brass, Nebraska Jazz Orchestra, and Nebraska Trumpet Ensemble are recorded by Tony Hillhouse and are courtesy of Arts Incorporated.  Omaha Symphony concerts are recorded by Clete Baker of Studio B for Classical 90.7 KVNO.

Nebraska Concerts programs are not available for purchase, or as a podcast. You may stream the show online, and you may also search playlists from past shows.