Nebraska Concerts

Sunday, November 18th at 1 p.m. Central on Nebraska Concerts:

Philip Glass turned 80 last year, and although there were celebrations across the world, Lincoln took a center stage. Paul Barnes, piano professor at UNL and long-time friend and collaborator of Philip Glass, kicked off the 2017 celebrations with a concert in Kimball Recital Hall.

Tune in this Sunday at 1 Central to hear that concert and more on Nebraska Concerts .


        Paul Barnes and Philip Glass

Nebraska Concerts for November 2018

11/04 – Omaha Symphony, “Beethoven’s Fourth,” Thomas Wilkins, conductor; and Mary Bircher & Katie Wychulis, harps (recorded 9/18/16)

11/11 – Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra, “Rach ‘n’ Bartok,” Edward Polochick, conductor; Mark Markham, piano (recorded 5/6/18)

11/18 – UNL Glenn Korff School of Music, “Philip Glass at 80; A Birthday Celebration,” (recorded 1/31/17); and, UNLGKSOM, UNL Wind Ensemble, “David Maslanka; Symphony No. 9 (2011), Part 1," Carolyn Barber, conductor (recorded 4/19/17)

11/25 – Nebraska Chamber Players, “World Premiere of Christian Ellenwood’s ‘For Love” For Clarinet and String Quartet,” (recorded 4/20 & 22/18); and, UNLGKSOM, UNL Wind Ensemble, “David Maslanka; Symphony No. 9 (2011), Part 2," Carolyn Barber, conductor (recorded 4/19/17)

Nebraska Concerts in December 2018

12/02 – Omaha Symphony, “Beethoven’s Seventh,” Thomas Wilkins, conductor; Ilya Gringolts, violin (recorded 9/23/16)

12/09 – Abendmusik, “Savior of Nations: An Abendmusik Christmas,” Tom Trenney and Ariel Merivil, conductors and organists; Plymouth Choir; Plymouth Ringers, Ariel Merivel and Christopher Boilesen, conductors; Abendmusik Festival Orchestra, and, narrators Christopher Dickson, Suzanne Jouvenat, and Patrick Messer (recorded 12/10/17)

12/16 – Dulces Voces and Lincoln Early Music Consort, “Nova! Nova!” (recorded 12/9/17), and Nebraska Brass, “A Nebraska Brass Christmas” (recorded 12/3/17)

12/23 – Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra, “Deck The Halls,” Tyler White, conductor; Bell-issimo, Nancy Youngman, director; Chase Dance, Stephanie Chase, director; Lincoln Suzuki Studios; LSO Young Artist Competition Winner; Tap This! Cloggers, Joel Harrison, director; and, UNL Vocal Jazz Ensemble, David von Kampen, director (recorded 12/1/18)

12/30 – Omaha Symphonic Chorus, “Christmas at the Cathedral,” Greg Zielke, conductor; Nebraska Wesleyan University Choir, American Midwest Ballet, Lincoln Boys Choir, and the chamber orchestra of the Omaha Symphony (recorded 11/30/18 & 12/2/18)

This weekly program usually airs Sundays at 1 p.m. Central on all stations of the NET Radio network.  It is produced and edited by Dave Hughes. Robert Goldberg is the scriptwriter and host.  Most of the concerts are recorded by James Duchesneau and Jeff Smith. UNL Glenn Korff School of Music recordings are courtesy of Jeffrey O'Brien.  Nebraska Brass, Nebraska Jazz Orchestra, and Nebraska Trumpet Ensemble are recorded by Tony Hillhouse and are courtesy of Arts Incorporated.  Most Abendmusik at First Plymouth concerts are recorded by John Casey.  And, Omaha Symphony concerts are recorded by Clete Baker of Studio B for Classical 90.7 KVNO.

Nebraska Concerts programs are not available for purchase, or as a podcast. You may stream the show online, and you may also search playlists from past shows.

UNL Brass Quintet

Thomas Wilkins, Omaha Symphony Orchestra

Nebraska Chamber Players


Edward Polochick, Lincoln's Symphony Orchestra

Moran Woodwind Quintet

Nebraska Brass

Nebraska Concerts from the last year:

Nebraska Concerts for October 2018

10/7 – Omaha Symphony, “Scheherazade,” Thomas Wilkins, conductor; Susanna Perry Gilmore, violin (recorded 6/3/16)

10/14 – Nebraska Brass, “Brasstastic!,” (recorded 2/17/18); and, Nebraska Trumpet Ensemble and Friends (recorded 4/29/18)

10/21 – Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra, “Beethoven 6 & 8,” Ed Polochick, conductor; with the Lincoln Youth Symphony, Clark Potter, conductor (recorded 4/6/18)

10/28 – Arts for the Soul/Lincoln Organ Showcase, “A Festival of Hymns with John Ferguson,” John Ferguson, organ (recorded 3/4/18

September 2018

9/02 – Omaha Symphony, “Beethoven’s Violin Concerto,” Andrew Gans, conductor; and, Augustin Hadelich, violin (recorded 4/22/16 & 4/23/16)

9/09 – Lied Center, “A Celebration of Philip Glass,” Paul Barnes, piano; Chiara String Quartet; Capella Romana, Alexander Lingus, director; University Singers, Peter Eklund, conductor; Ron Warren, Native American Flute; and, UNL Symphony Orchestra, Tyler White, conductor (recorded 4/17/18)

9/16 – Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra, “Jane Lynch Sings,” Edward Polochick, conductor; and, Jane Lynch, singer & comedian (recorded 3/2/18)

9/23 – Omaha Symphony, “Beethoven’s 1st Symphony,” Thomas Wilkins, conductor; Carmelo Galante, clarinet; and, James Compton, bassoon (recorded 5/22/16)

9/30 – Lincoln Organ Showcase, trumpeter Judith Saxton and organist Timothy Olsen (recorded 1/21/18); and, Nebraska Chamber Players with Jeff Campbell, bassoon (recorded 2/2/18)

August 2018

8/05 (from 2/25) – Lied Center for Performing Arts, Richard Goode, piano (recorded 4/2/17)

8/12 (from 3/11) – Lincoln Friends of Chamber Music, The Kalichstein-Laredo-Robinson Trio (recorded 4/27/17)

8/19 (from 4/08) – Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra, “Joshua Bell and Bruch,” Edward Polochick, conductor; Joshua Bell, violin (recorded 9/26/17)

8/26 (from 6/17) – Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra, “Philip Glass & Elgar,” Edward Polochick, conductor; Simone Dinnerstein, piano (recorded 11/10/17)

July 2018

7/01 – Omaha Symphony, “Schubert & Bruckner Unfinished Symphonies,” Thomas Wilkins, conductor (recorded 3/18/16)

7/08 – Lincoln Organ Showcase, Anne Laver (recorded 11/19/17); and, Nebraska Brass, “Fall: From The Melting Pot” (recorded 11/12/17)

7/15 – Nebraska Brass, “Winter: Hot Tunes for Cold Nights” (recorded 1/28/18); and, Nebraska Trumpet Ensemble, “Fall Festivities for Five Trumpets” (recorded 11/19/17)

7/22 – Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra, “Anton & Tchaik 5,” Edward Polochick, conductor; Anton Miller, violin (recorded 1/19/18)

7/29 – Omaha Symphony, “Sacred Conversation,” Ernest Richardson, conductor; Resonance, chorus (recorded 4/17/16)

June 2018

6/03 – Omaha Symphony, “Schubert’s 5th Symphony,” Perry So, conductor; Maria Harding, flute (recorded 2/28/16)

6/10 – Abendmusik at First Plymouth, Daryl Robinson, organ, and The Abendmusik Chorus, Tom Trenney, conductor (recorded 11/5/17); and, Nebraska Brass, “Brass Menagerie: A Musical Safari” (recorded 6/18/17)

6/17 – Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra, “Philip Glass & Elgar,” Edward Polochick, conductor; Simone Dinnerstein, piano (recorded 11/10/17)

6/24 – Nebraska Chamber Players (recorded 11/3/17); and, Abendmusik’s Youth Masterworks Festival “Coronation Mass” (recorded 2/20/18)

May 2018

5/06 – Omaha Symphony, “French Masterpieces,” Jacques Lacombe, conductor; Charlie Albright, piano (recorded 5/19/16 & 5/20/16)

5/13 – Lied Center, 2017 Van Cliburn Gold Medalist Yekwon Sunwoo (recorded 10/24/17)

5/20 – Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra, “If It Ain’t Baroque…,” Edward Polochick, conductor & harpsichord; Thomas & Jonah Kelly, trumpets; Gregory Helseth & Kaylene Diaz, horns;and, Drew Duncan, tenor (recorded 10/27/17)

5/27 – Lincoln Friends of Chamber Music, Attacca String Quartet (recorded 1/26/18)

April 2018

4/01 – Abendmusik, “Gloria,” with The Abendmusik Chorus, Concordia University A Capella Choir, The Abendmusk Orchestra, and conductor Tom Trenney  (recorded 4/30/17)

4/08 – Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra, “Joshua Bell and Bruch,” with violinist Joshua Bell and conductor Ed Polochick (recorded 9/26/17)

Sat. 4/14 at 7 p.m. Central - Nebraska Jazz Orchestra, featuring guitarist James Valentine (recorded 4/15/17)

4/15 – Omaha Symphony, “Russian  Music Festival, Part One,” with pianist Gleb Ivanov and conductor Thomas Wilkins (recorded 1/22/16)

4/22 – Omaha Symphony, “Russian  Music Festival, Part Two,” with violinist Caroline Goulding and conductor Thomas Wilkins (recorded 1/23/16)

4/29 – Nebraska Chamber Players (recorded 9/15/17), and Lincoln Friends of Chamber Music, Spektral Quartet (recorded 9/7/17)

March 2018

3/04 – Omaha Symphony, “I Hear American Singing,” Thomas Wilkins, conductor and Christopher Burchett, baritone; (recorded 1/10/16)

3/11 – Lincoln Friends of Chamber Music, The Kalichstein-Laredo-Robinson Trio (recorded 4/27/17)

3/18 – Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra, “Wagner Favorites,” Ed Polochick, conductor; Janice Chandler-Eteme, soprano; and, Lincoln Youth Symphony, Clark Potter, conductor (recorded 4/28/17)

Sat. 3/24 @ 7 pm Central– Young Lions All-Star Band and Nebraska Jazz Orchestra, with guest Ed Neumeister (recorded 1/12/17)

3/25 – Meadowlark Music Festival, Ellen Jewett, violin (recorded 7/13/17), and Nebraska Brass "Kickin' Brass" (recorded 5/13/17)

February 2018

2/04 – Omaha Symphony, “Mozart’s Prague Symphony,” Ari Pelto, conductor, Patrick Pfister, trombone (recorded 11/22/15); and, Nebraska Brass, “Nebraska Brass & Friends” (recorded 3/5/17)

2/11 – Abendmusik, Nordic Choir (Luther College in Decorah, Iowa), “2017 Midwest Tour” (recorded 2/3/17)

2/18 – Lincoln Organ Showcase, Monica Czausz (recorded 2/19/17); and, UNL Glenn Korff School of Music, John Bailey, flute (recorded1/24/17)

2/25 – Lied Center for Performing Arts, Richard Goode, piano (recorded 4/2/17)

January 2018

1/07 - (from 06/18/17) – Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra, “Fate & Fire,” Edward Polochick, conductor (recorded 11/11/16); and, Arts for the Soul’s 10th Anniversary Opening Concert, “A Celebration of Festive Music & Hymns (recorded 10/9/16)

1/13 - a special jazz/classical/pop music program on Saturday, January13th at 7 p.m. with a performance from the Arts for the Soul series featuring the Rodney Marsalis Philadelphia Big Brass (recorded 4/1/17)

1/14 - (from 9/10/17) – Lincoln Friends of Chamber Music, The Dover String Quartet (recorded 11/5/16)

1/21 - (from 7/16/17) – Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra, “Bailey’s & Brahms,” Zuill Bailey, cello (recorded 2/4/17)

1/28 – (from 10/08/17) – Lied Center, Ingrid Fliter, piano (recorded 11/13/16)

December 2017

12/3 – Omaha Symphony, “Prokofiev’s Violin Concerto,” Thomas Wilkins, conductor and Susanna Perry Gilmore, violin (recorded 9/27/15); and, Nebraska Brass, “A Nebraska Brass Christmas” (recorded 12/6/16 at First United Congregational Church UCC, Crete)

12/10 – Abendmusik at First Plymouth, “Come Let Us Adore Him” (recorded 12/12/16)

12/17 – Dulces Voces and Lincoln Early Music Consort, “Hodie! A Christmas Concert” (recorded 12/17/16); and, Nebraska Brass, “A Nebraska Brass Christmas (completely different program)” (recorded 12/22/16 at Warren Opera House, Friend)

12/24 – Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra, “Deck The Halls” (recorded 12/3/17)

12/25 – Omaha Symphonic Chorus, “Christmas at the Cathedral” (recorded 12/1/17 & 12/3/17)

November 2017

11/4 – Nebraska Jazz Orchestra , in another special Saturday night broadcast at 7 pm Central, “Rising Star,” with trumpeter Marquis Hill (recorded 12/15/16)

11/5 – Omaha Symphony, “Brahms’s 3rd Symphony,” Thomas Wilkins, conductor; and, Hawthorne String Quartet (recorded 9/18/15 & 9/19/15)

11/12 – Nebraska Brass, “All-American Brass,” (recorded 11/13/16); and, Nebraska Trumpet Ensemble & Friends, with organist Willa Foster Jones (recorded 4/23/17)

11/19 – Nebraska Chamber Players (recorded 1/20/17) and (recorded 3/31/17)

11/26 – Abendmusik, Handel’s “Messiah” and “Dixit Dominus,” recorded 11/27/16