Nebraska Concerts

Sunday, February 5, 1 p.m. Central on Nebraska Concerts:

Their music sparkles as brightly as their night sky. We voyage to Scandinavia this week for music from the Omaha Symphony’s Northern Lights Festival. In addition to Sibelius' First Symphony there's a famous piano concerto from Edvard Grieg, mediterranean music by Carl Neilsen, and arctic music by Einojuhani Rautavaara.

Aurora borealis -- The Northern Lights

In February Nebraska Concerts returns with new programs:

2/5 – Omaha Symphony, “Bach: More or Less,” recorded 1/11/15

2/12 – Nebraska Jazz Orchestra, “Blast From The Past,” featuring a set from the NJO Reunion Band and the NJO, recorded 9/4/15; and, Lincoln Organ Showcase, Brian Jones and Bruce Adami, Organ & Piano Duo, recorded 4/10/16, Part One

2/19 – Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra, “Avi Avital & Beethoven’s ‘Eroica,’” featuring mandolinist Avi Avital, recorded 4/30/16; and, Lincoln Organ Showcase, Brian Jones and Bruce Adami, Organ & Piano Duo, recorded 4/10/16, Part Two

2/26 – The Wartburg Choir, from an Abendmusik at First Plymouth concert, recorded 4/23/16; Nebraska Brass, “Midwinter Night’s Dream: Escape the Winter Blues,” recorded 2/21/16

In March Nebraska Concerts features these new programs:

3/5 – Omaha Symphony, “Northern Lights Festival, Part One,” Thomas Wilkins, conductor, and Andrew Tyson, piano (from 1/23 & 24/15)

3/12 - Omaha Symphony, “Northern Lights Festival, Part Two,” Thomas Wilkins, conductor, and Bella Hristova, violin (from1/24/15); and, Nebraska Trumpet Ensemble “In Recital” (from 5/1/16)

3/19 – Paul Barnes, “The New Etudes of Philip Glass and Music of the Next Generation” (from 3/2/16); and, UNL Wind Ensemble, “Common Threads, Part One” (from 2/25/16)

3/26 – Nebraska Chamber Players with Ed Polochick and Diane Barger, “Live Broadcast Concert” (from 5/1/16); and, UNL Wind Ensemble, “Common Threads, Part Two” (from 2/25/16)

This weekly program airs Sundays at 1 p.m. Central on all stations of the NET Radio network.  It is produced and edited by Dave Hughes. Robert Goldberg is the scriptwriter and host.  Most of the concerts are recorded by James Duchesneau and Jeff Smith.  UNL Glenn Korff School of Music recordings are courtesy of Jeffrey O'Brien.  Nebraska Brass, Nebraska Jazz Orchestra, and Nebraska Trumpet Ensemble are recorded by Tony Hillhouse and are courtesy of Arts Incorporated.  Omaha Symphony concerts are recorded by Clete Baker of Studio B for Classical 90.7 KVNO.

Nebraska Concerts programs are not available for purchase, or as a podcast. You may stream the show online, and you may also search playlists from past shows.