28 pieces of Classical Music for Forestry & Arboriculture

To celebrate contributions of agriculture in Nebraska, NET has created lists of music along the themes of Farming, Ranching, Gardening, Forestry & Arboriculture, and Water. Here is the first in observance of National Agriculture Day March 20, and National Agriculture Week March 18—24. You might find some interesting connections between classical music and the land in these pieces. Try requesting one for an upcoming Classics By Request in honor of someone you know in Agriculture.

1. Samuel Barber – Vanessa, Under the Willow Tree

2. Aaron Copland - What do we Plant? This was written for a girls’ glee club and sets a poem by Henry Abbey. The poem asks “What do we plant when we plant the tree?” and answers with descriptions of the things trees give us, like ship masts, houses, siding, shade and more.

3. Camille Saint-Saens – Carnival of the Animals: Part. 9 "The Cuckoo in the Depths of the Woods"

4. Arnold Bax – Garden of Fand This is technically about the sea, based on an old Irish tale, but it has the sounds of a mystical forest realm.

5. Handel – Xerxes, Ombra ma fu (Never was shade)

6. John Ireland – In Summer Woods

7. Federico TorrobaStrawberry Tree Who new those grew on trees? Perhaps something in the title was lost in translation.

8. Leo Ornstein – Morning in the Woods Ornstein's music might express a feeling of being lost in a woods.

9. Franz Schubert – Im Walde (In the Forest) and The Linden Tree There several other song settings of "the Linden Tree" by other comopsosers too.

10. Joaquin Turina – The Tree of Guernica, "Beneath the Orange Trees"

11. Yuri Hung – Tree Frog

12. Wagner – Siegfried, "Forest Murmers"

13. Robert Schumann – Waldszenen (Forest Scenes)  A set of short piano pieces, the titles of each movement are about things that might happen or things you might come across in the woods.

14. Robert Schumann - Im Wald (In the Forest), and Waldmachen (Forest Maiden) both songs about the woods.

15. Heitor Villa-Lobos – Forest of the Amazon

16. Felix Mendelssohn – Forest Farewell

17. Antonin Dvorik – From the Bohemian Woods Sometimes called From the Bohemian Forest. The fifth part of this piano cycle, titled "Silent Woods" has been arranged for cello and is a beautiful work.

18. Edward MacDowell – Haunted Forest

19. Charles Pont – Fanfare of the Woods

20. Antonio Caldaro – Friendly Woods

21. William Byrd – Will you Walk the Woods so Wild

22. Randall Thomson – Frostiana: "Stopping by the Woods" This is a setting of one of the most famous Robert Frost poems, scored for men's chorus.

23. Sir Arnold Bax – November Woods

24. Jean Coulthard – Of Fields and Forests

25. Johann Strauss – Tales from the Vienna Woods

26. H.R.H Queen Lili’uokolani – Fragrant Woods Music by a Hawaiian Queen and composer, one imagines that the woods on the islands are very fragrant.

27. Antonin Dvorak – Cypresses

28. Edward MacDowell – Woodland Sketches


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