26 pieces of Classical Music for Gardening

To celebrate contributions of agriculture in Nebraska, NET has created lists of music along the themes of Farming, Ranching, Gardening, Forestry & Arboriculture, and Water. Here is the first in observance of National Agriculture Day March 20, and National Agriculture Week March 18—24. You might find some interesting connections between classical music and the land in these pieces. Try requesting one for an upcoming Classics By Request in honor of someone you know in Agriculture.

1. Aaron Copland – In Evening Air  Written for a post WWII propaganda film. One subject connected with the film recalls watching a German refugee working in his garden.

2. Aaron Copland – Down a Country Lane

3. Leonard Bernstein – Candide: “Make Our Garden Grow”

4. Camille Saint-Saens – Carnival of the Animals: Part. 13 "The Swan" For those who might have a pond in their garden, plus the sound of the peaceful melody might represent how you feel in your garden.

5. Ludwig van Beethoven – Symphony No. 6 “Pastoral” The whole symphony has an out-doorsy program indicated by its titles. The thematic material is simple and small, but ends up being more grandiose in the end.  Imagine having "big plans" for those string beans.

6. Claude Debussy – Jardins sur la pluie (Gardens in the rain)

7. He Zhanhao and Chen Gang – Butterfly Lover’s Concerto

8. Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov – Flight of the Bumblebee

9. Theodor Blumer – Aus dem Pflanzenreich (From the Plant world)

10. Manuel da Falla – Nights in the Gardens of Spain

11. Percy Aldridge Grainger – Country Gardens The melody was collected by Cecil Sharp and then given to Grainger to use. His arrangement of the tune made him consistent money, but he grew to dislike it constantly being asked to play it. He once said "you can think of turnips as I play it."

12. Joaquin Rodrigo – Architect’s Garden

13. Albert Ketelbey - In a Chinese Temple Garden

14. Albert Ketelbey – In a Monastery Garden

15. Frederic Delius – In a Summer Garden

16. Einojuhani RautavaaraAutumn Gardens A lovely meditation on the beauty of life and nature.

17. Bohuslav Martinu – Window on the Garden

18. Bela Bartok – For Children: "Rose Garden"

19. Amy Beach – From Grandmother’s Garden Each movement includes names of flowers and herbs found in the garden, "Morning Glories," "Heartease," "Mignonette," "Rosemary & Rue" and "Honeysuckle."

20. Edward McDowell – New England Idyls: "An Old Garden"

21. Sir Charles Villiers Stanford – When Mary Through the Garden Went

22. Alan Hovhaness – The Garden of Adonis

23. Frederic Delius - Birds in the High Hall Garden

24. Agostino Steffani – Gardener’s Dance

25. Nancy Karpeles – Anna’s Garden

26. Jean Sibelius – The Swan of Tuonella

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