Letters Home from Soldiers at War

When people leave home to participate in war,
the urge to communicate with family and friends left behind is universal.
In this section we present letters longing for home.

1943 Europe

This letter was received by Nebraska Public Radio from a lady who was living in Craig, Nebraska at the time. The letter was from her husband who, she told us, "returned home safely two years later in time for his daughter's birthday." The letter was sent from the European Theater, Ninth Army Air Force, 409th Service Group. (The writer requested that names be edited out of the web text.)

December 30, 1943
"My Darling Wife and Sweet Baby"

December 20, 1943

My Darling Wife and Sweet Baby,

It's so close to Christmas, and I feel so alone. I can't tell you just where I am, it would be censored anyway. All I can say, I'm writing down in a trench, and it's so cold, hard to see, and all the noise of planes and other warfare all around me is deafening. I love the outline from paper of our baby you sent so I can see how she has grown. She was just two weeks old when I had to leave you both. I carry it and your beautiful pictures in my shirt, close to my heart. I can't get all the love I feel for you both in this V-mail letter, it is too small. I'm praying soon I can hold you both in my arms.

All my love and kisses,
Your Loving Husband




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