WAR LETTERS: From Family - 1944 England


In this section, we present letters written by parents to their children.

1944 England

Sergeant Kenneth Munhall wrote this letter from "Somewhere in England" during World War II. Elizabeth Munhall sent us the letter, and she tells us that her husband, Sergeant Munhall, spent four and a half years in the service before he came home. Elizabeth adds, "He wrote much about the war, but the letter to his first born was also a story of love and war." Karen Jean now lives in Grand Island.

November 26, 1944, Somehwere in England
Sergeant Kenneth Munhall - "To my baby Karen Jean"

Sunday, November 26, 1944

To My Baby Karen Jean,

This is my first letter to you as a person. Today you are 28 days old, and I haven't seen you or have so much as a picture to tell me what you look like. Your father left the United States before you were born, knowing your arrival was just a short time away and wanting very much to be there when you did arrive.

Your mother and I wanted a little girl like you. Fathers usually want a little boy, but I wanted a little girl as much like her mother as possible. You see, I love your mother very much, and I couldn't think of anything nicer than to have a little girl just like her. All I know about you right now is that you weighed five pounds, eight ounces when you were born, and that you have black hair (which your mother writes me was two inches long in back), and dark blue eyes. That sounds to me like an extremely nice baby girl. Your aunts, grandparents, and uncles all think a lot of you. Your daddy does too and wants more than anything else in the world to come back home soon and take care of Karen Jean and her mama. Your job is to eat, sleep, play, develop a good disposition, and grow like a baby should.

Goodnight my darling, sleep well, and your daddy will come home to you soon.

Love from your father




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