Credits, Underwriting, & Disclaimer



"War Letters" was the responsibility of many people, and we take this opportunity to thank them.

The letters were read by students at Doane College in Crete, Nebraska. We are indebted to them for their enthusiastic participation and hard work. They are Andrew Pray, Josh Enevoldsen, Ginger Starks, Sean Eichelberger, Tanyale Ransome, Patrick Clayton, Chad Holle, Eric Cantrell, Tim Eyrich, Heather Hornung, Jack Liddy, Brandon Bell, Miles Love, Mike Langler, Becki Learned, and Rob Garton.

For their dedication to this project Nebraska Public Radio is grateful to Doane College Theatre Department faculty members Eric Selk and Judy Hart.

The letter from Captain J.E. Olson was read by Nebraska Public Radio's James Duchesneau. The letter from Helen Chalupnik was read by Judy Hart. Cole Hansen's letter was read by Antony Larrick. The excerpt from "Justifiable Pride" by William D. Stevens was read by William Kloefkorn.

Over 100 letters were submitted to Nebraska Public Radio for this project. Publicity for that effort, as well as overall publicity and promotion for "War Letters" was coordinated by NET's Dara Troutman, with assistance from Jack Huttig.

Shandi Peterson, Nebraska Educational Telecommunications Marketing, coordinated corporate and individual support.

Music performed by Anthony Falcone, Assistant Director of Bands, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Narrator, Carolyn Johnsen, Nebraska Public Radio.

Letters coordinator, Cindy Asrir, Nebraska Public Radio.

The "War Letters" web site and web content was Produced by Patricia Engelhard, with Graphic Design by Andrew Fuller, Jessie Williams was the Web Production Assistant. Nebraska Educational Telecommunications Interactive Media Group.

Nebraska Public Radio thanks Governor Mike Johanns for his participation in this project. The publicity given to the program by Governor Johanns resulted in the outpouring of letters sent to us.

For his enthusiasm and on-going support of this program throughout its production, we thank Keith Fickensher, Executive Director, Nebraska Department of Veteran's Affairs.

This program was inspired by the work of The Legacy Project in Washington, D.C., and its founder and executive director, Andrew Carroll.

"War Letters" was written by veterans, their familes, friends and comrades. Nebraska Public Radio wishes to thank everyone who sent us letters for consideration on this program. It was a great honor and privilege to receive them.

This program was recorded, edited and mixed by Nebraska Public Radio's James Duchesneau, who also served as assistant director. The producer is indebted to James for his dedication and devotion to this program.

"War Letters" was directed and produced by Steve Robinson, Nebraska Public Radio.



This program was made possible with a grant from the Richard P. Kimmel and Laurine Kimmel Charitable Foundation, Inc. Additional funding has been provided by the Stewart Family Fund of Lincoln, Nebraska; Indian Creek Golf Course, Elkhorn, Nebraska; Jacob North Companies, Lincoln, Nebraska; Berry, Kelley, Hansen and Reiman, Attorneys at Law and Veterans' Advocates, Lincoln, Nebraska.



The following program contains graphic descriptions of war, battle and death, and may not be suitable for children. Listener discretion is advised.

The content of the letters heard on this program is unedited and in a few instances contains derogatory references to people from other nations. Nebraska Public Radio does not condone or in any way advocate the use of such words or phrases.

Except where noted at the conclusion of the program, all the letters are read by students at Doane College in Crete, Nebraska.




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