Tours are available Monday-Friday from 10 am-noon or 2pm-4pm CST.

To arrange a tour, please contact:

Nikki Sinclair
1800 North 33rd Street
Lincoln, NE  68503

Phone: 402-470-6311

This is just some of what you'll see on the tour:

  • Artwork in the lobby
  • NET Radio Master Control
  • Technology Corridor
  • NET Television Network Operations Center
  • Radio and Television Studios
  • Remote Production Truck (when available)

NET does not conduct tours for daycare providers of children under the age of 10 years. As a media technology center, we do not have hands-on exhibits or activities appropriate for younger children.

The Nebraska Educational Telecommunications Center was dedicated  June 4, 1972 and serves as the headquarters for Nebraska's public broadcasting network.  Television and Radio studios as well as the network's operational center are included on the tour that spans the evolving nature of technology since the network was founded in 1954.  The Center is named for Senator Terry M. Carpenter who introduced legislation in 1969 to fund the Center and Jack G. McBride, NET's founding general manager, who led the organization for 43 years.  Rod Bates took the helm as General Manager in 1996 and retired in June, 2013.  Mark Leonard began his tenure as general manager and CEO on August 1, 2013.  NET is now in its seventh decade of service to Nebraska.