Smart Speakers

The NET Nebraska Alexa skill allows you to play our live radio stations and on-demand audio through your Alexa-enabled device.

To enable the NET Nebraska skill, you can:

  • say "Alexa, enable the N.E.T. skill" to your device,
  • visit the skill page here and click the "Enable" button (make sure you’re logged in with the Amazon account you use on your device),
  • or search for "NET Nebraska" in the Skills section of the Alexa mobile app


When opening or interacting with our Alexa skill, always use the individual letters N - E - T. If you say "NET" as one word instead of the individual letters, Alexa won’t know you’re trying to use our skill.

Here’s some of the things you can do with the NET Nebraska skill:

  • Play live radio from one of our stations (News-Classical and News-Jazz):
    "Alexa, tell N.E.T. to play Jazz” or “Alexa, ask N.E.T. to play Classical"
  • Play on-demand shows and podcasts from NET:
    "Alexa, tell N.E.T. to play [showname]"
  • See what shows are available:
    "Alexa, ask N.E.T. what shows I can play"
  • Resume playback when paused:
    "Play" or "Resume"
  • When playing on-demand audio, skip to an older or newer item:
    "Alexa, previous" or "Alexa, next"
  • Get information about the currently playing item:
    "Alexa, ask N.E.T. what’s playing"
  • Get information about what’s playing next:
    "Alexa, ask N.E.T. what’s next"


Note for Sonos One customers: a bug in the Sonos One device prevents Alexa skills that use the Amazon audio player (such as NPR One and the NET Nebraska skill) from outputting audio correctly. Their engineers are aware of the issue and are working on fixing it.




Note for Google Home customers: Google Home support is in development.