Nebraska Educational Telecommunications Commission

NET Commissioners from left: Patricia Kircher, Dara Troutman, Clay Smith, Dick Shoemaker, Marilyn Hadley and Brent Gaswick (for Matt Blomstedt).
NETC Commission Members

The Nebraska Educational Telecommunications Commission was created by the Educational Television Act, adopted by the 1963 Legislature. In 1984, the Legislature changed the commission's name and broadened its scope to include all educational telecommunications. The commission promotes and provides noncommercial educational telecommunications throughout Nebraska via broadcast, satellite, fiber optic, computer and other technologies.

The Nebraska Educational Telecommunications Commission holds the license for the nine transmitters and five translators that comprise the NET Radio network. It also holds the license for eight of the nine television transmitters and for the 15 translators that comprise the NET Television network. The ninth transmitter, KUON-TV, is licensed to the University of Nebraska Board of Regents. Through a long-standing agreement with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the Board of Regents, KUON-TV operates as the flagship station for NET Television.

The Nebraska Educational Telecommunications Commission is comprised of 11 members. Nine are appointed by the governor and are subject to legislative approval. The Nebraska commissioner of education, or his or her designee, and the president of the University of Nebraska, or his or her designee, are standing members. Appointed members include: a Nebraska state college representative, a Nebraska community college representative, a Nebraska private educational institution representative, and two members of the public from each of the state's three congressional districts, none of whom may be associated with any of the institutions listed above. No more than four members of the commission may be actively engaged in the teaching profession or administration of an educational institution.

Commission Members

CHAIR: Clay Smith, Lincoln
VICE-CHAIR: J. Richard Shoemaker, Cambridge
Ken Bird, Omaha
Dennis Baack, Lincoln
Matt Blomstedt, Lincoln
Stan Carpenter, Lincoln
Marilyn Hadley, Kearney
Patricia Kircher, Omaha
Fred Ohles, Lincoln
Darlene Starman, Lincoln
Dara Troutman, Lincoln

Commissioners are appointed to four-year terms on a staggered basis. They are not paid but are reimbursed for expenses.

The commission meetings are typically held at the Terry M. Carpenter and Jack G. McBride Nebraska Educational Telecommunications Center, 1800 North 33rd Street, Lincoln.