Young and Overweight: Fighting Obesity

"I think you're seeing a lot more children who are obese. It's a lot more common. I'm seeing a lot more children who are lethargic, who just don't want to go to P.E., who don't want to play outside."

- Omaha school principal Margie Reed-Schmid

More than 12 million children are considered obese in the United States, according to a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control. That's nearly 17 percent of the population. Statistics are similar for Nebraska. For doctors, educators and other experts, youth obesity is a problem serious enough to be called an epidemic.

Young and Overweight: Fighting Obesity in Nebraska examines the problem of youth obesity in Nebraska; the causes, solutions and public policy challenges. The program features the perspective of a wide variety of experts:

  • Dr. Joann Schafer, chief medical officer and director of the Nebraska Health and Human Services Division of Public Health
  • Dr. Jennifer Huberty, an associate professor of health, physical education and recreation at the University of Nebraska at Omaha
  • Dr. Bob Rauner, chair of Public Health Committee for the Nebraska Medical Association
  • Dr. Cristina Fernandez, a pediatrician at the Creighton University Medical Center and Children's Hospital and Medical Center
  • Margie Reed-Schmid, principal of Western Hills Elementary School in Omaha

The Radio Series

Part 1 - Airs 6/20/12 - An overview of the youth obesity problem

Part 2 - Airs 6/21/12 - Western Hills; how one Omaha school is battling youth obesity

Part 3 - Airs 6/22/12 - One-on-one with Dr. Joann Schaefer, Nebraska's chief medical officer