Sold for Sex

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NET News reporting project on sex trafficking in Nebraska


“It's really not that hard to buy and sell a human being in the state of Nebraska.”
--Rachel Pointer, Sex Trafficking Survivor

Watch "Sold for Sex: Trafficking in Nebraska" (full show)


Watch "Sold for Sex: Survivor Stories" (full show)


Trafficking survivor Rachel Pointer talks with NET producer Mike Tobias. More photos from the production HERE.


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Somewhere in Nebraska, right now, there’s sex for sale. Experts believe a lot of the time this isn’t prostitution. It’s someone being trafficked through what’s legally defined as “force, fraud or coercion.” It’s an ugly industry whose victims are mostly women and often children.

Two 30 minute NET News documentaries report on sex trafficking in Nebraska.

“Sold for Sex: Trafficking in Nebraska” examines how trafficking happens in the state, the fight to stop it and what is being done to help victims. This 2017 program includes:

  • An overview of new research by Creighton University researchers on commercial sex trade and trafficking in Nebraska.
  • A look at trafficking in rural Nebraska.
  • The story of Rachel Pointer, an Omaha woman who was first sold for sex when she was 6-years-old.
  • An interview with a convicted sex trafficker.
  • A look at how law enforcement fights trafficking.
  • Information on the efforts of the Nebraska Attorney General's Human Trafficking Task Force.

“Sold for Sex: Survivor Stories” focuses on women who have been trafficked. This program includes:

  • The powerful stories of three different Nebraska trafficking survivors.
  • Interviews with experts on how people become trafficking victims, and why the crime is often not reported or punished.
  • Perspective from more than 20 Nebraska trafficking survivors compiled for a new report.

"We hope that these programs will help educate Nebraskans about a crime that many are likely unaware of," says Mike Tobias, NET News senior producer/reporter and producer of the "Sold for Sex" project. You can also follow Tobias' reporting on Facebook (Mike Tobias, NET Journalist) and Twitter (@mtobiasNET).

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