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Inauguration 2017
Live Coverage on NET World
Continues Friday at 1 pm CT on NET World
Don't miss live coverage of Inauguration Day 2017 as NPR radio coverage begins at 9 a.m. and PBS NewsHour television coverage begins at 10 a.m.
Why we're growing the most sweet potatoes since WWII
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Monday at 6:45 a.m., 8:45 a.m. and 4:45 p.m. CT on NET Radio.
While they have always made special appearances on many American tables around the holidays, year-round demand for sweet potatoes has grown. In 2015, farmers produced more sweet potatoes than in any year since World War II. 
2017 State of the State Address
Governor Pete Ricketts
Governor Pete Ricketts delivers the State of the State Address.
Photo courtesy
President Obama's Farewell Address
Watch special coverage from PBS and NPR as President Obama delivers his farewell address. NPR provided fact checks throughout.
Sold For Sex: Trafficking In Nebraska
NET News reporting project on sex trafficking in Nebraska
Sunday at 11:30am (CT) on NET World
"Trafficking in Nebraska" examines how trafficking happens in the state, the fight to stop it and what is being done to help victims. While "Survivor Stories" focus on women who have been trafficked.
Nebraska Mental Health: Who's Responding?
An NET News Discussion Program
Monday at 11 pm CT on NET
A discussion about how communities and law enforcement are responding to mental health emergency calls in Nebraska. Those calls are outpacing the number of calls relating to violent crimes in many communities. 
An NET News Special
Nebraska's prisons have been plagued by overcrowding, assaults and most recently the escape of two inmates. An NET News special "Nebraska Prison Reform" discusses possible solutions to the state's prison problems.
Homeless in Nebraska
NET Shines Light on Homelessness
NET News and NET Learning Services offer a series of radio news reports, a TV panel discussion, and more.

NET News Documentaries and Specials

This television special and radio reporting project examines the question many Americans are asking, "Is my water safe?"
Choice Cuts: Meat in America
NET and Harvest Public Media explore what it will take to keep pace with the increasing global demand for meat.
Homecoming: The Impact on Nebraska Veterans
NET News examines the homecomings soldiers receive when they return from war.
Generations of Nebraska Warriors
Stories of Nebraska warriors and how they were changed by war. 
Food waste is the single-largest source of waste in municipal landfills. Learn how to cut back on what you toss out.
The multi-million dollar legal marijuana trade in Colorado and its impact in Nebraska.
The aging farm demographic and its impact on the upcoming transfer of farmland ownership.
NET News producer Mike Tobias examines the deadliest natural disaster in Nebraska history, the 1913 Easter tornadoes.
NET News producer Bill Kelly reviews a century and a half of Nebraska's death penalty.
"Hispanic Farmers on Broken Ground" examines past and present obstacles facing Hispanic farmers in the Midwest. 
Only a small percentage of the state's school children, just more than 2 percent, are educated at home.  What home schooling in... more››
There are hundreds of gangs and more than 5,000 gang members in Nebraska. And experts say these numbers are not declining. Gang... more››
Stratcom 9:11, A Different Doomsday
Stories of those serving at STRATCOM and Offutt Air Force base as terrorists attacked the World Trade Center and Pentagon.
The generally accepted definition of binge drinking in the United States is the consumption of five or more alcoholic drinks in... more››
False confession. Fake evidence.It became one of the most controversial crime stories in recent Nebraska history.NET News... more››