Nebraska Floods

Recovery and Rebuilding


The impact of severe weather for several days in March in Nebraska will last for years. Flooding swept across the eastern half of the state, leaving hundreds homeless and destroying homes, businesses, farms, ranches and roads. NET News has been in the fields, beside the rivers and alongside the many relief workers and volunteers who are working to help the state recover and rebuild after the flood, telling their stories and the story of this difficult time for the state.

“Nebraska Floods” is a collection of our reporting on the efforts by the government, relief agencies, volunteers and your neighbors to reconstruct communities. These stories have been broadcast on NET, and a number of them on NPR, the PBS NewsHour and other national programs as well. Check back often and follow the journey with us as Nebraska prepares for life after the flood of 2019.

latest news

April 4, 2019
Many residents of Boyd County are still without drinking water as repairs continue following severe flooding last month.The breaking of the Spencer Dam took out the water line which feeds most of Boyd County. Two refurbished wells of Boyd County... more››

April 4, 2019
Since record flooding started in Nebraska last month, all kinds of groups have come together to support those in need. The state and federal governments, local and national non-profits, and schools have all contributed to keeping people safe and... more››

April 3, 2019
Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts travelled to Council Bluffs, Iowa Wednesday to meet with the governors of Iowa and Missouri and talk about flooding along the Missouri River. The governors are trying to unite around plans to avoid future flooding.... more››

April 2, 2019
Last month eastern Nebraska experienced record flooding. Towns are recovering. For many this may be uncharted territory. However, there are lessons to be learned from other Midwestern communities that have gone through floods and rebuilt. ... more››

April 1, 2019
Flood recovery will be a long and complex process for many Nebraskans. One resource is FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency. They are reaching out to people and towns affected by floods in a variety of ways. Last Friday FEMA opened a... more››



PBS NewsHour
March 22, 2019
Ongoing flooding across the Midwest has left thousands of homes damaged and vast swaths of farmland underwater. Residents and public officials alike are trying to cope with washed-out roads, lost livestock, ruined crops, and a... more››
Morning Edition
March 22, 2019
NET's Fred Knapp talks about how local governments pick up a share of the cost of disaster relief, but most is paid for by the federal government. In Nebraska, some towns will scramble to pay their part after recent floods.
On Point
March 21, 2019
The national program On Point Radio focused on the Nebraska floods. The show included interviews with NET News reporter Bill Kelly and Jessica Macholan, who with her husband farms cattle, corn and soybeans in Butler County,... more››
Here & Now
March 20, 2019
Since 1953, Annette Bloom’s family has worked on the Morrow Bloom farm in Scotia, Nebraska. She lost 35 calves due to the flooding, right during the peak of her calving season.
All Things Considered
March 18, 2019
NET's Fred Knapp talks with Ailsa Chang about Nebraska flooding.
PBS NewsHour
March 18, 2019
Parts of the Midwest are reeling from major flooding this week due to a massive late-winter storm. Across Iowa and Nebraska, thousands of people had to be evacuated, roads and other infrastructure were destroyed and buildings... more››