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January 28, 2021
The Nebraska Commissioner of Education said he understands teachers may want the COVID-19 vaccine before returning to in-person instruction, but, with proper safety guidelines, teaching is a safe environment. If schools follow COVID-19 safety... more››

January 27, 2021
Since the start of the pandemic, nearly 1,400 meatpacking plants across the country have wrestled with COVID-19 outbreaks, including several Nebraska processors. Some local labor advocates are feeling hopeful a recent executive order by President... more››

January 25, 2021
For more than a decade, Saraí has been a farmworker, cultivating corn and soybeans in the fields of central Illinois. She moved to the U.S. from Mexico to find work that would allow her to better support her family.Being an agricultural worker “is... more››

January 22, 2021
Corrections Director Scott Frakes’ argument for a new prison got a skeptical reaction from some lawmakers today (Friday). And the senator representing the Nebraska Sandhills district pushed for a two-year moratorium on building a controversial... more››

January 21, 2021
The Nebraska Legislature Thursday rejected a proposal for open elections for committee chairs. And Nebraska Chief Justice spoke to senators about the state of the judiciary. NET All Things Considered host Jack Williams interviewed legislative... more››


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As the national vaccination process begins, America Amplified is gathering and curating answers from experts to questions on the minds of public radio listeners across the country.
NET is working with media outlets across the state to collect the stories of Nebraskans who have died from COVID. Click to share your loved one’s story with us.
Analyzing data from federal, state, and local health officials, NET News has compiled a comprehensive look at the spread of COVID-19 in Nebraska, including cases per county, positivity rates, and 7-day rolling average of new... more››
Mientras los casos del coronavirus se siguen propagando por el Medio Oeste, sabemos que hay muchas preguntas acerca del virus -- incluyendo cómo evitar contagiarse. También sabemos que hay mucha información incorrecta acerca del... more››
Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services: daily updates on COVID-19 from state health officials and access to resources in Nebraska. 
Tells the story of one school district’s transition to remote learning because of COVID-19. This new 30 minute NET Radio documentary is part of the NET “What If…” project on innovation and creativity in Nebraska
The purpose of this FEMA page  is to help the public distinguish between rumors and facts regarding the response to coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Rumors can easily circulate within communities during a crisis, stay informed... more››
Learn more about COVID-19 in Nebraska with answers to frequently asked questions, researched by NET News reporters along with our partners at America Amplified, a community engagement journalism initiative funded by the... more››
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