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Campaign Connection 2020 is the home for NET News coverage of the 2020 elections. The nation will be focused on the race for the White House with the candidates for president. Nebraska voters will also choose their representatives in three U.S. House and one Senate race. There are local, state and national races that will affect all of us for years to come. 

Campaign Connection 2020 provides you with the resources to inform those decisions. You'll find on this page our election-related Signature Stories, as well as links to national media coverage, podcasts and political party blogs. 

Also this year, NET News and Harvest Public Media will be reporting as part of the national Election 2020 America Amplified project that aims to raise the voices of those we don't always hear from in diverse communities across the nation. 

Follow Campaign Connection 2020 from NET News across television, radio, social media and this website. We'll deliver the information you need to make responsible voting decisions.

Election Signature Stories

Nebraskans voted overwhelmingly for a constitutional amendment removing slavery and involuntary servitude as criminal... more››
 A Nebraska state senator who supported successful gambling ballot initiatives is confident a medical marijuana initiative will... more››
With the strong support Nebraskans gave expanded gambling, the state's horse racing tracks can begin planning casinos.With the... more››
Although one of Nebraska’s five electoral votes went to Joe Biden in the presidential race, the Democrat had the majority in... more››
Nebraska Secretary of State Bob Evnen said Wednesday two candidates trailing in races for the Nebraska Legislature could ask for... more››
The NET News team is covering the 2020 election all day and late into the night. Follow our local and regional coverage here,... more››
It looks like there’ll be a slightly more Republican cast to the officially nonpartisan Nebraska Legislature next year – but not... more››
After the heated election cycle ended today for Nebraska’s 2nd District Congressional Seat, Republican Rep. Don Bacon has won... more››
President Donald Trump has won four of Nebraska's five electoral votes, while Democrat Joe Biden has won one electoral vote from... more››
Nebraska voters gave a major blow to payday lenders, a segment of the financial industry utilized by the poorest segments of... more››
Nebraskans agreed to welcome casinos by a sizable majority vote, adding table games and slot machines as a source of revenue for... more››
Nebraska’s First District Republican Congressman Jeff Fortenberry defeated his Democratic challenger, state Senator Kate Bolz, in... more››
Republican Sen. Ben Sasse won re-election tonight, defeating opposing candidate Democrat Chris Janicek.Sasse was first... more››
The Associated Press has called incumbent Republican Rep. Adrian Smith as the winner of Nebraska's 3rd Congressional District... more››
Voting is winding down in Nebraska. Polls are set to close at 8 p.m. Turnout was high today at Precinct 12G-2, one poll worker... more››
Election Day brings long lines to some polling places, but not to the one in Ruby, Nebraska.Take Interstate 80 west from Lincoln... more››
A Wilber, Nebraska has been running for president of the United States since 2007.  He doesn't get many votes, but that hasn't... more››
On a warm October morning at a midtown Omaha park, 31-year-old Amy McClure juggles her twin babies and scans the playground... more››
More than 414,000 Nebraskans have voted so far in the 2020 election, with less than a week before November 3. Many Gen Z... more››
 President Donald Trump brought his campaign to Omaha Tuesday night, alternating praise for what his administration has done... more››
A grassroots effort to recall Lincoln’s mayor and four council members is underway after a local group filed the required... more››
Nearly 330,000 Nebraskans have already submitted early ballots in the 2020 General Election. About 508,000 people total have... more››
The ballot question that would legalize some casino gambling in Nebraska wouldn't just change the law. It would make it a... more››
Between the pandemic and widespread misinformation about mail-in voting, 2020 is the first year in recent memory that Americans... more››
More than 217,000 Nebraskans have already cast a ballot in the upcoming general election, part of the 17.5 million Americans who... more››
One of the mostly contested seats in Congress this year is Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional Seat where Incumbent Republican Don... more››
Are payday lenders offering a service to low-income customers or profiting when people find themselves in a financial bind? When... more››
In the race for Nebraska’s first district congressional seat, all three candidates can agree on at least one thing: healthcare... more››
The candidates for Nebraska’s First Congressional District both say defunding the police is not a solution for racial injustice... more››
Rep. Jeff Fortenberry and State Sen. Kate Bolz agree that climate change is a serious threat, but disagree on the best way to... more››
Farmers are looking closely at what they might be able to expect from four more years of Donald Trump versus a Joe Biden... more››
Republican Rep. Don Bacon and Democratic opponent Kara Eastman met in the first debate for the 2nd Congressional District... more››
Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District, which represents all of Douglas County and parts of Sarpy County, is a highly sought... more››
In this year’s election, 25 seats in the Nebraska Legislature – just over half the 49-member body – are on the ballot, and the... more››
Opponents of a ballot proposal to allow casinos at Nebraska horse tracks said Monday it would hurt the state, economically and... more››
The U.S. Senate race in Nebraska has gotten a lot of attention this election season, with incumbent Ben Sasse facing a fight... more››
Nebraska Secretary of State Bob Evnen says he’s confident in the state’s election process, but is reminding voters to be... more››
Lancaster County election officials are mailing out the first 50,000 early ballots to voters Monday. Election Commissioner Dave... more››
Lancaster County voters will have significantly more options for dropping off an early ballot compared to previous elections. ... more››
Republican Representative Don Bacon and Democrat Kara  Eastman have agreed to debate on NET. The candidates for the Omaha-area... more››
Three candidates are on the ballot in Nebraska’s Third Congressional District: Representative Adrian Smith, the Republican... more››
This summer, 123,000 people signed the petition, so there may be fierce support among Nebraskans favoring legalized medical... more››
The Nebraska Supreme Court ruled Thursday three gambling measures should appear on the ballot.The gambling issue is presented in... more››
Both candidates for U.S. Senate in Nebraska talked about disagreements with their own political parties during a debate hosted... more››
The Nebraska Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday on whether or not proposals to legalize casino gambling should be on the... more››
Embattled U-S Senate candidate Chris Janicek says he’s not the one dividing the Nebraska Democratic Party and has always been... more››
A last-minute challenge is attempting to keep an initiative to legalize medical marijuana in Nebraska off the November ballot.... more››
NET announced Monday it will broadcast a U.S. Senate debate, but who will take the stage that night was immediately criticized... more››
Nebraska’s Secretary of State says he’s confident November’s election will be fair and secure, but is concerned about the future... more››
Nebraska voters will soon decide whether to significantly lower the cap on interest rates for payday loans. This week the... more››
Former Governor Dave Heineman, a Republican, is disputing the latest report from the Nebraska Republican Party about spending on... more››
Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana submitted a petition to put medical marijuana on the ballot this November. Organizers say they... more››
The second- and third-place finishers in Nebraska’s Democratic U.S. Senate primary joined a chorus of voices asking first-place... more››
Updated 12:30 p.m. CT, May 13Voter turnout in Tuesday's primary election was the highest for a presidential primary in at least... more››
Omaha businessman Chris Janicek won the Democratic nomination to challenge Republican U.S. Senator Ben Sasse in November. And... more››
Rep. Don Bacon of Nebraska's 2nd Congressional District will run against Democratic challenger Kara Eastman in the November... more››
The NET News team is providing live coverage of the Nebraska 2020 primary election. The most recent updates will appear at the... more››
Members of the Nebraska National Guard are assisting in running the polls in Tuesday's primary election.The soldiers are not be... more››
A record 354,000 Nebraskans have voted early by mail for tomorrow’s primary election. That far surpasses the total number of... more››
Nebraska’s primary election will take place Tuesday; two men will be on the District 2 Republican ballot. Paul Anderson is a... more››
Nebraska’s primary election will take place on Tuesday. Three women will be on the District 2 democratic ballot come Tuesday.... more››
As Nebraska prepares for its primary election on Tuesday, polling places are planning ways to keep voters safe.ConnectioN Point... more››
Nebraska’s primary election is still set for May 12 despite the coronavirus pandemic. Election officials are confident in-person... more››
COVID-19’s effects on unemployment, elections, and abortions were among subjects at Governor Pete Ricketts news conference... more››
State officials say they have no plans to delay the upcoming primary election despite concerns about the spread of COVID-19. But... more››
Changes in the number of "religiously unaffiliated," has changed the political landscape. New research from a University of... more››
On a Monday night, a week before the Iowa caucuses, about 20 residents gathered at the Norelius library in Denison, Iowa, for a... more››
The Iowa caucuses are in just six days, and democratic presidential candidates are vying for the support of Iowa voters. Many... more››
A program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is aiming to foster civility and discourse on campus by bringing students from... more››
Nebraska’s next elections for the unicameral are still almost a year away, but campaigns are in full swing.Candidates for the... more››