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Campaign Connection 2018 is the home for NET News coverage of the 2018 elections. Nebraska voters this year will choose their congressional representatives and make key decisions in races for governor and the U.S. Senate. There are local, state and national races that will affect all of us for years to come.  Campaign Connection 2018 provides you with the resources to inform those decisions. You'll find on this page our election-related Signature Stories, as well as links to national media coverage, podcasts and political party blogs. Campaign Connection 2018 from NET News gives you the information you need to make responsible voting decisions.

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Election Signature Stories

As Democrats scored significant victories across the country on Election Day, Nebraska reaffirmed its status as a reliably... more››
Nebraska voters’ approval of Medicaid expansion Tuesday leaves questions of how the measure will be implemented, and how the... more››
Today Nebraskans will vote in a host of elections, from the races for the Senate and the governor's office to local natural... more››
There has been a focus on the increased number of women running for elected office across the country this election cycle. The “... more››
Initiative 427 would make tens of thousands of lower income Nebraskans eligible for government assistance paying for health care... more››
Nebraska's election next Tuesday will include several unopposed races, including two statewide offices and five seats in the... more››
In the race for Nebraska’s 1st Congressional District, it’s incumbent Republican Jeff Fortenberry against Democrat challenger... more››
As she completes her first term, U.S. Senator Deb Fischer campaigns as a steady presence in the mayhem of Washington politics.... more››
Jane Raybould wants to replace Republican Deb Fischer as one of Nebraska's United States Senators.Raybould works in management... more››
Among the many decisions facing voters this fall, one in the eastern Nebraska town of Scribner taps into a national debate on... more››
The State Troopers Association of Nebraska is endorsing state Sen. Bob Krist, the Democratic candidate for governor, and... more››
Nebraska’s 3rd Congressional District encompasses 68 counties and nearly 65,000 square miles. As a part of our Campaign... more››
Americans spend more money on healthcare per capita than any other country in the world and the gap between the U.S. and other... more››
Nebraska Republican Governor Pete Ricketts and his Democratic challenger, state Senator Bob Krist, agree property taxes are a... more››
On subjects ranging from property taxes to prisons, and Medicaid expansion to medical marijuana, Republican Gov. Pete Ricketts... more››
Continuing a long tradition of political debate at the Nebraska State Fair, the two major party contenders for the United States... more››
Take one Libertarian legislator who left the Republican Party over disagreements with Gov. Pete Ricketts. Add a Republican... more››
More Nebraska voters are registering as non-partisan. Fewer as Democrats. We take a deep-dive into voter registration trends.... more››
Leaders of Nebraska’s two main political parties had different takeaways from Tuesday’s primary election, with a Republican... more››
Political newcomer Kara Eastman has defeated seasoned legislator Brad Ashford 51 percent to 49 percent in the Democratic primary... more››
Republican Governor Pete Ricketts and Democratic State Senator Bob Krist won their parties’ nominations for governor Tuesday,... more››
Republican Deb Fischer, Democrat Jane Raybould and Libertarian Jim Schultz will be on the November ballot in Nebraska’s U.S.... more››
NET News Campaign Connection 2018 coverage includes results from the Nebraska primary election. Also follow our NET News... more››
The Nebraska Democratic Party is touting a “blue wave” of support and “astounding increase” in Democrats requesting vote-by-mail... more››
Two Democrats are challenging each other in Nebraska’s 1st District Democratic primary. The winner will face incumbent Jeff... more››
Three Republicans are challenging incumbent Adrian Smith in Nebraska’s 3rd Congressional district GOP primary. We visit with the... more››
A retired Omaha economist and analyst with some very different ideas is one of five Republicans running for U.S. Senate this... more››
A Lincoln U.S. Senate candidate’s political career covers a lot of distance and time. Mike Tobias profiles Democratic Frank... more››
A Lincoln man says his platform is the solution for the Republican Party and the country. We report on Dennis Macek, as we... more››
Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts is running for reelection. But Ricketts must first win the May 15th Republican primary, in which... more››
Three people are running for the Nebraska Democratic Party’s nomination for governor this year. They come from different... more››
The most competitive local race in the Nebraska primary election next month is for the treasurer of Lancaster County.Three... more››
A Lincoln businessman is making a second run for U.S. Senate. We profile Republican Todd Watson as part of our NET News Campaign... more››
A businesswoman wants to move from Lincoln City Council to the U.S. Senate. We profile Democrat Jane Raybould, as we continue... more››
Incumbent Deb Fischer is one of five Republicans running for U.S. Senate this year. We profile the Valentine native as part of... more››
A Fremont man is one of four Democrats running for U.S. Senate this year. We profile Larry Marvin for our NET News Campaign... more››
In the coming weeks we’ll profile each of the nine major party U.S. Senate candidates on Nebraska’s May primary ballot. Learn... more››
Nebraska’s May primary election features nine major party U.S. Senate candidates. In the next few weeks we’ll profile each one.... more››
The Douglas County Republican Party web site includes a downloadable list of its party candidates. It resembles a sample ballot... more››
Election cybersecurity in Nebraska is still considered a real threat, even though voters’ data in the state was not manipulated... more››
Republican Don Bacon flipped the 2nd District when he won the vote in 2016. Non-profit leader, Kara Eastman, and a longtime... more››
When voters in Nebraska go to the polls May 15, they will most likely be choosing the next state treasurer. Two Republicans –... more››
In an age of constant information, it’s not always easy for young people to form solid and informed opinions about important... more››