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Campaign Connection 2016 is the home for NET News coverage of the 2016 elections. Nebraska voters this year will help elect a new president, choose their congressional representatives and decide whether to reinstate the death penalty, among other issues. There are local, state and national races that will affect all of us for years to come.  Campaign Connection 2016 provides you with the resources to inform those decisions. You'll find on this page our election-related Signature Stories, as well as links to national media coverage, and political and party blogs. Campaign Connection 2016 from NET News gives you the information you need to make responsible voting decisions.

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NPR Recap: Election Night 2016

Digital Content

PBS Election Coverage
From University of Nevada
PBS NewsHour and NPR team up to cover the third Presidential Debate from Las Vegas.
From Washington University
PBS NewsHour and NPR team up to cover the second Presidential Debate from St. Louis.
From Longwood University, Vice-Presidential candidates Mike Pence & Tim Kaine meet and debate, covered by PBS NewsHour and NPR.
From Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio
Tuesday, Sept. 29 at 8:00pm (CT) on NET
President Donald Trump debates former Vice President Joe Biden in the first of three presidential debates before the 2020 election.
An NET News Discussion With Experts And College Students
Should there be a death penalty in Nebraska? NET News is helping voters learn about the different aspects of the issue by taking the discussion to classrooms.
Monitoring access to the vote in real time
Electionland is a project that will cover access to the ballot and problems that prevent people from exercising their right to vote during the 2016 election. NET is one of many media organizations participating in this project.
The Democracy Project
Helping Your Kids Understand the Election
Even young children may have questions about the election, debates, and what it is the President does.  We have put together these resources, including free printable pages, and interactive lessons, that can help you to explain... more››
A classroom resource from PBS Education
A PBS Education resource for teachers to engage students in the political process, virtual field trip ideas and a collection of Election-themed resources to support History, Civics and English curriculum.
AMERICAN EXPERIENCE's Award-Winning Collection of Presidential Biographies
This digital portal showcases content from the Peabody Award-winning collection of films about our nation’s leaders.  Screen full-length films, learn from experts and examine more than 200 primary source documents. 
An NET Television Documentary
This NET documentary shares the story of how one of the most turbulent years in American history rippled through Nebraska politics. Never before had the state received so much attention from those who wanted to become president.

Election Signature Stories

Career military man Don Bacon can add “congressman-elect” to his list of titles after officially claiming victory in Tuesday’s... more››
Nebraska Republicans are celebrating this morning after Donald Trump’s presidential election victory. The state’s GOP leaders... more››
NET News will be bringing you election results tonight online as well as on NET Television and NET Radio. Follow along on our... more››
Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders campaigned for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in Omaha Friday night.In 2008,... more››
With the legal battle raging over the implementation of controversial Obama Administration clean water rules, the next president... more››
Over the years the death penalty has divided the people with the most personal stake possible in the issue: family members of... more››
The range of testimony from Nebraskans was striking. Impassioned and practical. Spiritual, academic, and sometimes deeply... more››
While the race for Nebraska’s 2nd congressional district has been the center of attention in this campaign, districts 1 and 3... more››
Former U.S. Senator Bob Kerrey and former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel spoke recently at the University of Nebraska at Omaha... more››
The first and last Latino lawmaker in Nebraska left office in 2008. Now Latino leaders are looking for ways to encourage others... more››
Half the seats in the Nebraska Legislature are up for grabs this election. Each race is different – but there are some common... more››
In Nebraska’s second Congressional district, incumbent Democrat Brad Ashford is defending his seat for the first time. His main... more››
Nebraska is one of three states where voters face a question about the death penalty on the ballot this year. And these votes... more››
This fall Nebraska voters will decide whether the state will have the death penalty. It’s a complex, emotional topic, as NET... more››
When you take a look at your ballot in November, it’s likely there will be some names and races you’re not familiar with. But... more››
Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton thinks she can earn an electoral vote in traditionally Republican Nebraska.... more››
Can a person's actions be so heinous to justify ending their life? For more than 100 years state law said yes: in such a case... more››
This fall voters will decide whether Nebraska has the death penalty. It’s a complex issue with lots for voters to think about.... more››
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton brought her campaign to Omaha Monday, and with an assist from local... more››
This fall, Nebraskans may have the chance to vote on legalizing casino gambling in the state. So far, almost all the money to... more››
The ballot is set for Nebraska's second Congressional district where Democrat Brad Ashford is defending his House seat for the... more››
Nebraskans went to the primary election polls Tuesday to vote on who should advance to the general election for president,... more››
NET News will have updates on the primary election tonight on NET Radio as well as Facebook and Twitter. Follow the link below... more››
Expected Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump held a rally in Omaha Friday.Hundreds of fans, curious onlookers, and a... more››
Second district Representative Brad Ashford is the only Democrat among Nebraska’s D.C. delegation. As he starts off his bid for... more››
Half the seats in the Nebraska Legislature are on the ballot in Tuesday’s primary election. Here’s how one race for Omaha’s 7th... more››
Sen. Bernie Sanders defeated former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the Nebraska Democratic caucuses Saturday, after a day... more››
Senator Bernie Sanders won the Nebraska Democratic caucuses Saturday, defeating Hillary Clinton. Sanders followed up his... more››
President Bill Clinton stopped by Omaha to stump for his wife Hillary Clinton Friday.  The visit comes one day before Nebraska's... more››
Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders held a rally in Lincoln Thursday, asking for support in the upcoming Nebraska... more››
With Super Tuesday in the books, the country will now look to the remaining states to ultimately determine both the Republican... more››
After Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s victory in the Iowa Caucuses many are questioning the political importance of ethanol, an industry... more››
Presidential candidates have been in Iowa for months. But aside from ethanol policy they have not spent much time talking about... more››
Sometimes Nebraska Democrats keep their distance from more liberal national politicians in their party. Not so for Omaha-area... more››