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Campaign Connection 2014 is the home for NET News coverage of the 2014 elections. Nebraska voters this year will be electing a new governor and a new U.S. senator.  There are many other local, state and national races that will affect all of us for years to come.  Campaign Connection 2014 provides you with the resources to inform those decisions. You'll find on this page our election-related Signature Stories, as well as links to national media coverage, and political and party blogs. Campaign Connection 2014 from NET News gives you the information you need to make responsible voting decisions.

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Candidate Debates

Gubernatorial Debate
Nebraska 2014 Gubernatorial Debate
Sponsored by NET News and the Nebraska Broadcasters Association
The Nebraska Democratic and Republican Party candidates for governor participate in a 60-minute debate from Lincoln.
Race for the House: A Debate for Nebraska's 2nd Congressional...
A live debate between Lee Terry and Brad Ashford for Nebraska's 2nd District House of Representative seat.
Nebraska 2014 U.S. Senate Debate
Sponsored by NET News and the Nebraska Broadcasters Association
Candidates for U.S. Senate participate in a 90-minute debate from North Platte High School.

Election Signature Stories

UPDATE 11/5/14 - Lee Terry conceded the 2nd District race Tuesday afternoon after Democrat Brad Ashford built on his lead from... more››
Republican Pete Ricketts swept to victory in Nebraska’s governor’s race Tuesday, and promised to begin work right away on... more››
Ben Sasse will be Nebraska’s newest U.S. Senator. With more than 60 percent of the vote, the Republican easily defeated three... more››
Starting in January, Nebraska will have the first new attorney general since 2003.Lincoln-based lawyer Doug Peterson will... more››
The New Year will mean a raise for Nebraskans at the low end of the pay scale. An aggressive campaign to increase the state’s... more››
Nebraska voters are going to the polls today, deciding who will be their elected representatives in a number of offices. Follow... more››
There are no women’s names at the top of the ticket in Nebraska’s race for governor or in the U.S. Senate race. NET News looks... more››
The winner of Nebraska’s U.S. Senate race will certainly be dealing with tough decisions about the role of our military. As part... more››
Taxes, spending and the federal budget deficit are key topics for a majority of voters nationally, according to a recent Gallup... more››
In the 1st and 3rd Congressional districts in Nebraska, Democrats are challenging the Republican incumbents with an emphasis on... more››
Libertarian Mark Elworth Jr., Democrat Chuck Hassebrook, and Republican Pete Ricketts discuss marijuana in this short video. 
Property taxes are a big issue in Nebraska's 2014 race for governor. Democratic candidate Chuck Hassebrook, Republican candidate... more››
In Nebraska’s race for governor, the candidates face questions like how to improve education, what to do about the state’s... more››
Vouchers, early childhood, and vocational/career education are among approaches being advocated by candidates for governor in... more››
Three men on the ballot in the race to become Nebraska’s next governor -- Democrat Chuck Hassebrook, Republican Pete Ricketts,... more››
Republican Pete Ricketts, Democrat Chuck Hassebrook, and Libertarian Mark Elworth Jr. discuss their views on Nebraska's prison... more››
Do the state’s lowest paid workers deserve a raise? On Election Day voters will decide whether Initiative 425 should be made the... more››
Dave Domina is the Democrat in Nebraska’s U.S. Senate race. As part of our Campaign Connection 2014 coverage, Mike Tobias of NET... more››
Jim Jenkins is one of two independents who gathered enough petition signatures to be on the ballot for Nebraska’s U.S. Senate... more››
Ben Sasse survived a hotly-contested primary to earn a spot on the ballot for Nebraska’s open U.S. Senate seat. As we continue... more››
Mike Johanns’ decision not to run for another term created a wide-open U.S. Senate race in Nebraska. As part of our Campaign... more››
Nebraska will elect the first new attorney general in 12 years. The two candidates vying for the office say recent revelations... more››
Over the past four years, the office of Nebraska state auditor has made headlines for tackling financial fraud and wasteful... more››
Democrat Chuck Hassebrook and Republican Pete Ricketts both want to be Nebraska’s next governor. Before voters head for the... more››
Nebraska’s four U.S. Senate candidates differed on immigration, guns, foreign policy and more at their debate last night in... more››
The four candidates on the ballot in Nebraska’s U.S. Senate race face off Sunday in North Platte, in the campaign’s final debate... more››
Nebraska Secretary of State John Gale decided Wednesday Mike Foley’s name will be on the ballot in November.  The state auditor... more››
Following allegations of domestic violence by his sister, Nebraska Lt. Gov. Lavon Heidemann resigned Tuesday and dropped off the... more››
Congressman Lee Terry has been in office for 16 years, representing Nebraska’s second district. State legislator Brad Ashford is... more››
Nebraska gubernatorial candidates Pete Ricketts and Chuck Hassebrook held their first debate at the State Fair in Grand Island... more››
The Nebraska State Fair was the host site for a political debate Monday night. Six candidates hoping to fill the seat Senator... more››
Candidates vying for Nebraska’s U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Sen. Mike Johanns will debate issues facing the state and... more››
When Nebraskans vote this November, they are scheduled to face the question of whether or not to legalize betting on “replayed”... more››
Nebraska gubernatorial candidates Pete Ricketts (R) and Chuck Hassebrook (D) will meet in October for a debate sponsored by NET... more››
In Nebraska, Latinos make up 9 percent of the state’s population and that share is increasing. But among voters, Latinos have... more››
In a six-way primary, Nebraska Republicans nominated Omaha businessman Pete Ricketts for governor. Meanwhile, former University... more››
Nebraska’s 2014 primary election wrapped up last night (see more coverage from NET News here). To take a look at some of the... more››
NET News Campaign Connection 2014 coverage brings you the latest news, updates and behind-the-scenes stories from the Nebraska... more››
The Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling in 2010 opened the flood gates for campaign spending, and the money is flowing into... more››
Congressman Lee Terry has represented Nebraska’s 2nd congressional district since 1998. His challenger in the primary election,... more››
Adrian Smith has represented Nebraska’s vast 3rd Congressional District since 2007. Next week, he’ll face Tom Brewer in the... more››
Of the six candidates running for Nebraska’s Republican nomination for governor, two currently hold statewide office: State... more››
Of the six candidates running for Nebraska’s Republican nomination for governor, two are state senators: Tom Carlson of Holdrege... more››
Among the six candidates in Nebraska’s Republican primary for governor are two Omaha businessmen: Pete Ricketts and Bryan Slone... more››
A year ago Ben Sasse was a relatively unknown small college president and political newcomer. Now he’s making a strong run in... more››
Of the five Nebraska Republicans running for U.S. Senate, Shane Osborn was the candidate with the most name recognition at the... more››
Like most of Nebraska’s Republican Senate candidates, Bart McLeay is a newcomer to running for office. But a seed of interest... more››
Clifton Johnson's campaign is very different than the four other Republicans running in Nebraska’s U.S. Senate race. He doesn’t... more››
Mike Johanns’ decision not to run for re-election led to a large field of Nebraska candidates for his U.S. Senate seat,... more››
The Nebraska Senate race is full of candidates—but mostly Republicans. There are only two men in the Democratic primary. As part... more››
The city of Fremont, in east-central NE, recently started to implement a housing ordinance that makes it illegal for landlords... more››
When current Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning decided to run for governor just months before the May primary, he opened up... more››
When current Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning decided to run for Governor just months before the May primary, he opened up... more››
Six Republican candidates for governor debated Sunday in Broken Bow, highlighting differences in experience and emphasis.Toward... more››
With no incumbents in either race, there’s a long list of primary election candidates for governor and U.S. Senate in Nebraska... more››
(Text story updated Jan. 22, 2014) There are 10 candidates in Nebraska's U.S Senate race and seven candidates for Nebraska... more››



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