Success Starts with Teachers


by Nebraska Loves Public Schools (funded by the Sherwood Foundation)


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From initial training to continued professional development, today a lot of hard work goes into preparing teachers to teach, and then supporting them in that valuable work. For teachers in high-poverty schools, there are growing pressures and a unique set of daily challenges that make the task of teaching become more than simply classroom learning.

This Nebraska Loves Public Schools program, Success Starts with Teachers, explores what the field of teaching looks like today and how schools and districts equip teachers to teach under-resourced learners, to understand diverse student needs, and to pave the road to success for Nebraska’s students.

"You walk into a classroom in Lincoln today, or anywhere I think in America, and you definitely see the teacher is able to connect on a whole bunch of different levels. Today, the teacher with 22 students in a third grade classroom is connecting on 22 levels. There’s a lot more pressure on teachers to produce, engage, and create those success routes for children."

               — Dr. Steve Joel, Superintendent, Lincoln Public Schools




Christine Boden
Elliot Elementary Behavioral Coach
Patty Brown
Wasmer Elementary Teacher
Cari Cobler
Wasmer Elementary Teacher
Jamie Cook
Elliot Elementary Instructional Coach
Kathleen Dering
Elliot Elementary Principal
Betty Desaire
Wasmer Elementary Former Principal
Amy Dugan
OPS/UNO Career Ladder Program Participant; Skinner Magnet Center Teacher
Nancy Edick, PhD
UNO College of Education Dean
Sarah Edwards, PhD
UNO College of Education Teacher & Education Chair
Steve Joel, PhD
Lincoln Public Schools Superintendent
ReNae Kehrberg, PhD
Omaha Public Schools Curriculum Instruction & Assessment Asst. Superintendent
Ferial Pearson
UNO College of Education Instructor & Instructional Coach
Lauren Trejo
CADRE Program Participant, Walnut Hill Elementary Teacher




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Center on Children, Families, and the Law
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Urban League of Nebraska
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