STEM: Key Building Blocks for Our Future

Key Building Blocks for Our Future

by Nebraska Loves Public School (funded by the Sherwood Foundation)

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As technology evolves and grows, so does the need for workers with a passion for science, engineering, and mathematics. Grooming this highly sought after workforce starts long before the office or lab; it starts with instilling a love of STEM education at a young age.

A report from the U.S. Department of Commerce sums it up well:

“Increasingly, the specific skills embodied in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education fuel the innovative processes that are especially valuable to our economy. These skills are sought by companies across the economy as they look to expand their workforces.”

The latest program in The State of Education in Nebraska series, this special Nebraska Loves Public Schools video looks at the various public school programs designed to stoke a passion for STEM in all its various forms. From robotics to environmental sciences to architecture and engineering to food sciences, this program will explore several ways schools are getting students excited about STEM and the limitless career opportunities that await them.

“STEM is really, at its heart, about problems and solving problems. How do we bring different disciplines together so that the problem is solved, it’s better understood, and then others can learn from what we do in order to solve those problems? So when we do STEM, we’re really modeling what’s happening in the professions today.”
     — Dr. Neal Grandgenett, UNO College of Education



Dr. Neal Grandgennett
UNO College of Education Professor
Dr. Bing Chen
UNL Computer & Electronics Engineering Professor
Alisa Gilmore
UNL Computer & Electronics Engineering Sr. Lecturer; Robotics Expo Coordinator
Dr. Bob Goeman
UNO College of Education Technology Coordinator
Derrick Nero
Lewis & Clark Middle School Teacher
Anna Sumner
Westside Middle School Teacher
Dr. Paul Clark
Gretna Whitetail Creek Elementary School Teacher
Jan Christensen
Omaha North High Magnet School Magnet Coordinator / Curriculum Specialist
Gene Haynes
Omaha North High Magnet School Principal
Dr. Lee Kallstrom
Omaha North High Magnet School Teacher
Jeff Dolezal
TACKarchitects Architect and Principal
Gene Wissenburg
Shell Creek Watershed Improvement Group Secretary
Ralph Pieke
Lower Platte North Natural Resources District Board Chairman
Mark Seier
Newman Grove High School Teacher
Karen Malmkar
Newman Grove High School Teacher
Pamela Galus
Lothrop Magnet Center Science Specialist
Jeff Cole
Nebraska Children and Families Foundation Community Learning Center Network Lead


Also appearing are students from Whitetail Creek Elementary, Lewis & Clark Middle School, Westside Middle and High School, Omaha North High Magnet School, Newman Grove High School, and Lothrop Magnet Center.



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