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The State of Education in Nebraska (SOEN) continues to explore the broad issues affecting educational quality across our state. Over the years, the series has informed viewers about the emerging practices adopted to address the state’s achievement gap, especially focusing on topics and solutions that involve citizens across the state. The goal: to highlight efforts taking place around the state to narrow the achievement gap and encourage greater educational equality.

In the fall of 2015, NET, along with its partners (the Nebraska Association of School Boards, Nebraska Children and Families Foundation, and Nebraska Loves Public Schools) embarked on a Community Engagement Tour, visiting Chadron, Kimball, Schuyler, O'Neill, Valentine, Auburn, and Pender.  

Working with school superintendents in these seven diverse communities, more than 600 citizens participated in day-long discussions beginning with an Early Childhood Education workshop and ending with community-wide strategy sessions facilitated by the Nebraska Association of School Boards' Marcia Herring.

Community leaders, educators, students, and the general public identified the challenges facing their communities at each of these stops. While some challenges were unique, many more were common regardless of the community. Topics ranged from encouraging students to return to their community after pursuing higher education, creating an inclusive environment for an emerging immigrant population, and  promoting strong school-business relationships.  

While education is still the catalyst for the initiative, as anticipated, a broader set of issues have risen to the surface as a result of these community engagement dialogues. Throughout the 2016 SOEN season, NET will produce programs that focus on these broader set of issues, while developing multimedia resources from the material gathered during the tour.

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Results and summary of community visits.


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