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Below is a list of some of the best science documentaries and web series by PBS and NET. All of these shows are available to watch right now without a membership - for FREE. Just click the titles and press play. Or, find them in the FREE PBS Video app for your Roku, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, Fire TV Stick, phone or tablet.  Enjoy!

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NET OriginalsBiologyGeology
Animals, AirBrainsGreat Scientists
Animals, GeneralChemistryMath
Animals, LandComputersPhysics
Animals, PrehistoricEnvironmentSpace
Animals, WaterFood & AgricultureWeather & Seismic Activity
Ancient People and PlacesGeneral Science 
Architecture & EngineeringGeography 


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NET Originals

American Spring LIVE: The Sound of Spring
Ashfall Unearthed
Beef State
Blossom on the Prairie
Concussions: Heading for Change
Follow the Water
Last of the Rainwater Basins
Restless Prairie
What If...Biomechanics, Kid Composer, Growing Ord and More
What If...Cattle Fitbit, Med School Tech, Workplace Culture

Animals, Air

A Life Among the Clouds: A NATURE Short Film
Super Hummingbirds

Animals, General

Deep Look Web Series
Songs for Unusual Creatures Web Series

Animals, Land

Big Cats
Deep Look Web Series
Dogs in the Land of Lions
Equus “Story of the Horse” | Episode 1: Origins
Equus “Story of the Horse” | Episode 2: Chasing the Wind
Forest of the Lynx
Fox Tales
Living with Snow Leopards–Tashi’s Story
Monster Python
What Are Animals Saying?
Running With The Herd: A NATURE Short Film
The Story of Cats | Into the Americas
Trinidad’s Turtle Giants
Undercover in the Jungle
World’s Fastest Animal

Animals, Prehistoric

*NET Original* Ashfall Unearthed
Eons Web Series

Animals, Water

Cod Comeback?
Giant Squid
Great White Shark
Scourge of the Lionfish
Shark Reef
Sperm Whale

Ancient People & Places

Decoding the Great Pyramid
First Face of America
Great Human Odyssey
Making North America: Human
Making North America: Life
Making North America: Origins

Architecture & Engineering

Rise of the Rockets


The Animal Origins of Art / How We Choose Our Mates
Gene Doctors
I Contain Multitudes Web Series
Life’s Great Miracle
Can We Make Life?
Can We Build a Brain?
The Science of Monogamy / Our Mysterious Lifespan
What Separates Humans from Animals?
Your Inner Fish
Your Inner Monkey
Your Inner Reptile


Braincraft Web Series
Can Alzheimer’s Be Stopped?
*NET Original* Concussions: Heading for Change


Reactions Web Series
Shanks FX


Crash Course: Artificial Intelligence Web Series
Crash Course: Computer Science Web Series
CyberWork and the American Dream
Idea Channel Web Series


Adaptation to Global Water Shortages
*NET Original* Blossom on the Prairie
Building a Future: Lumber Poaching in Oregon and Brazil
The Chain of Life
City Planning
Climate Migration
Destination Baja
Dying Oceans: Abalone Restoration In California
Extreme Realities
Fueling Change: Oil Extraction in Alaska & California
Green Builders
Healing the Body with United Indian Health Service
Holistic Healing with the Syuxtun Collective
Hot Mess Web Series
*NET Original* Last of the Rainwater Basins
Lighting A Path: Embracing Solar Power
Managing Groundwater with the Paiute
Poisoned Water
The Prairie Killers
Protecting the Coast with the Tolowa Dee-ni’
Prudhoe Bay or Bust!
ReInventors Web Series
*NET Original* Restless Prairie
Restoring The River with the Yurok, Hupa and Karuk
River of Kings
The Sacred Island
Santa Barbara: Everybody’s Mistake
Sea Level Rising: Living with Water
Sinking Cities: New York
Sinking Cities: Tokyo
Sinking Cities: London
Sinking Cities: Miami
Slow Death of the Desert Water
Tending the Wild
Urban Habitat
The Water is So Clear that a Blind Man Could See
Why Do We Destroy Nature? / Tackling Inequality
Will the Gater Glades Survive?

Food & Agriculture

Agriculture’s Mixed Blessings/How Agriculture Differentiated
Avocado Wars: The Battle Over Water Rights In Chile
*NET Original* Beef State
Of Broccoli and Pelicans and Celery and Seals
Dairy Alternatives: Rethinking Milk In California and Kenya
Decolonizing Cuisine with Mak-‘amham
Future of Food
Nourish Web Series
Serving up Science Web Series
Tribal Hunting with the Pit River Peoples

General Science

Gross Science Web Series
It’s Okay to Be Smart Web Series
Secret Life of Scientists
*NET Original* What If...Biomechanics, Kid Composer, Growing Ord and More
*NET Original* What If...Cattle Fitbit, Med School Tech, Workplace Culture


Antarctic Extremes Web Series
Backbone Trail Web Series
Okavango: River of Dreams – Episode 1: Paradise
Okavango: River of Dreams – Episode 2: Limbo
Okavango: River of Dreams – Episode 3: Inferno
Polar Extremes
The Serengeti Rules
Spend An Hour in Snowy Yellowstone | Sights & Sounds


Treasures of the Earth: Metals
Hunting the Elements

Great Scientists

Decoding Da Vinci
Einstein’s Quantum Riddle
E.O. Wilson of Ants and Men



Infinite Series Web Series


Crash Course: Physics Web Series
The Fabric of the Cosmos: Universe or Multiverse?
The Fabric of the Cosmos: Quantum Leap
The Fabric of the Cosmos: The Illusion of Time
Physics Girl Web Series


Apollo’s Daring Mission
Black Hole Apocalypse
Crash Course: Astronomy Web Series
Earth from Space
The Elegant Universe: Part 1
The Elegant Universe: Part 2
The Elegant Universe: Part 3
The Fabric of the Cosmos: What is Space?
The Farthest — Voyager in Space
Finding Life Beyond Earth
Are We Alone?
What’s the Universe Made Of?
The Planets: Ice Worlds
The Planets: Saturn
The Planets: Jupiter
The Planets: Mars
The Planets: Inner Worlds
Space Time Web Series
Stellar Web Series
Will We Be Visited By Aliens? / Can We Eradicate Genocide?

Weather & Seismic Activity

American Spring LIVE: Episode 1 – Birth and Rebirth
American Spring LIVE: Episode 2 – Migration
American Spring LIVE: Episode 3 – Connections
*NET Original* American Spring LIVE: The Sound of Spring
Decoding the Weather Machine
Killer Volcanoes
Inside the Megafire
Life on Fire
Living Volcanoes

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