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NET Kids is committed to providing families in Nebraska with amazing content — whether online, on air, or in person. You can rely on us to offer learners of all ages the tools needed to build on a well-constructed education. We place the highest value on early learning and are always looking for the opportunity to share the tested and trusted PBS content with the communities we serve. Through games and apps, parent and teacher materials, and community service, you will find NET Kids to be your resource destination.


Fun with Boxes!

Summer Learning Day in Auburn
(Silent video made with StopMotion)

NET Kids News!

Clifford the Big Red Dog joined NET Kids at Dakota City Elementary School for a fun afternoon of literacy: popcorn, games, mobile apps, and more!
Ready To Learn 2 Play Their Way
NET Kids at Schuyler Elementary School
Thursday, Oct. 16, 5 - 8PM, 2404 Denver St.
A bi-lingual event, open to the public, free with donation. The pancake man, learning booths, Daniel Tiger, and NET Kids will all be at Schuyler Elementary School. Children who attend will take home a book!
Get ready for an all new season of Sesame Street on NET Kids. This promo features the song, "Letter of the Day".
Arthur Premiere
Premeiere Sept. 29th 4PM on NET1
Everyone's favorite aardvark is back for his 18th season with new episodes that include parodies of film noir classics and "The Wizard of Oz"!
Children and families enjoyed an entire day at the Omaha Children's Musem devoted to dinosaurs, including hands-on activities related to the new, hour-long PBS Kids television special “Dinosaur Train Classic in the Jurassic”.

NET Kids Fun!

Children have fun while they learn at the NET Kids Workshops. We provide several iPads and Kindles equipped with PBS Kids Games... more››
NET Kids Ready To Learn
Nebraska Ready To Learn is a free program that can add to any group or individual early childhood education curriculum. NET Kids... more››
NET Kids Workshops add to an English class for the Lincoln Literacy project.
Through Nebraska Ready To Learn and the PBS Summer Learning Program, NET Kids and NET Early Childhood Education Specialist Emily... more››
Curious George and NET Kids joined other Auburn community partners in June to celebrate National Summer Learning Day. The... more››
Emily Nash, NET Early Chiildhood Specialist
Emily Nash dives into her new job, hosting a booth at Auburn's Preschool Literacy Night. More exciting events to come!
Dodge Co. Headstart Director Steph Knust
Watch this testimonial from Dodge Co. Head Start Director, Stephanie Knust, at Fremont's Ready To Learn event.
PBS Games
Watch this video to find out about exciting PBS Kids online games: Bug Catcher from CURIOUS GEORGE and more!
Peg + Cat
PBS Kids' series "Peg + Cat" is a math adventure for 3 to 5-year-olds starring a spunky redheaded girl and her deep-voiced cat.