Nebraska Ready To Learn

Nebraska Ready To Learn is a free program that can add to any group or individual early childhood education curriculum. NET Kids is working with Nebraska communities to enhance the important work of parents and teachers.

Playing Ready To Learn educational games gives all children measurable gains in key literacy skills. In 2012 preschoolers who participated in the PBS KIDS Raising Readers outscored their peers who did not participate in the curriculum on:

  • Knowing concepts of story and print (12% gain).
  • Recognizing letters in own name (7.4% gain).
  • Knowing sounds of letters (37% gain).
  • Naming letters (20.8% gain).

Ready To Learn’s effective children’s media program (television, online activities, mobile game apps, events, etc.) is targeted toward America’s most at-risk 2 to 8-year-olds, but is also available to all families and children across the country.

Nebraska’s Ready To Learn Initiative seeks to enhance school readiness efforts and offset learning gaps.  Research indicates that children are better prepared for success in kindergarten when preschool teachers and families use the RTL resources.  RTL is a coordinated learning experience that connects concepts learned in school, after school, during summer programs, and in the home with the goal of strengthening children’s math and literacy skills.

Want to get involved with Ready to Learn?
If you're interested in partnering with us to plan an event, contact  Emily Nash, NET Early Childhood Specialist at 402-470-6690 or


Ready to Learn is funded in part by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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