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Specializing in interactive education via multi-media

The mission of the NET Interactive Educational Media unit is to provide educational multimedia support for nonprofit, educational institutions and state and federal agencies. We produce highly effective instructional design, websites, DVDs, CDs, videos, lesson plans, as well as work with content management systems to meet the instructional and information needs of our clients across the state.

Clients include:  the Nebraska Departments of Labor, Education, Environmental Quality, and Professional Practices;  the National Guard Bureau; the Nebraska State Patrol and the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center;  the Nebraska State Museum;  the University of Nebraska Medical College; and PBS.

For more information about NET Interactive Educational Media, contact Melanie Eirich at 402-470-6723 or

Recent Projects

Bartók's String Quartet No. 2, Op. 17, I -- Moderato
Enjoy this 10-minute music video by Nebraska's own internationally acclaimed Chiara String Quartet.
Video Art Lessons
Video Art Lessons
Learn more about the art, architecture and history of the Nebraska State Capitol in these virtual lessons inspired by the building.
New Website to Complement Documentary
This new NET-created website provides images, videos, & guides to help immigrant children quilt their stories to connect with their new communities.
Nebraska Professional Practices dramatic videos
Created by NET, these videos present cautionary tales of how some educators have run afoul of Nebraska's high ethical and professional standards.
Concussion Recognition & Management
Website produced by NET Learning Services
To help ensure that every child sustaining a concussion in Nebraska is managed by licensed health care professionals according to current best practices. Created for the Nebraska Concussion Coalition.
Welcome students, teachers, and history buffs of all ages! Nebraska Studies puts the history of the state at your fingertips, from its very beginning to the 21st century. On this site, you can meet the people and explore the... more››
Lost Writers of the Plains
This website explains why these Midwestern writers were lost—and why they should be remembered.

Featured Projects

Standing Bear's Footsteps: The Meaning of Home
This eBook combines the PBS documentary "Standing Bear's Footsteps" with educational interactivity and a series of short essays.
Explore the history of American quilts. By NET Learning Services & the Int'l Quilt Study Center & Museum. 
Stories of Nebraska Quilters -- Grace Snyder: Tiny Stitches, Big Life
Follow this Sandhills woman's amazing journey. By the Int'l Quilt Study Center & Museum, NSHS, & NET Learning Services.
Career Readiness
This NE Depts. of Labor and Education course is for NE high school students or anyone entering the work force.
Project Beak
This Game & Parks interactive course, for grades 5-8, contains scientifically accurate information about birds.
UNL Custodial Training
UNL Custodial Training
We provided online, interactive custodial training, including exams in the Blackboard learning management system.