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What if the debates that currently drive education reform nationally are missing a larger point – that the K-12 engine (that has powered education in our country for over a century) is too weak to meet the needs of youth growing up in an increasingly complex, global society? While in Nebraska we are blessed with high quality public schools, even here we recognize that some students face needs that fall far beyond what our schools are designed to address. National leaders have also begun suggesting that new models of education might be needed.

"Two of the chief weaknesses of our current school system are its one-size-fits-all design and the fact that schools account for an average of less than 20 percent of a child's waking hours during his or her years of school attendance. How could a system receiving children with such widely different assets and deficits . . . serve them all in the same way (same curriculum, instruction, and length of learning time) and expect similar results?"
         — Paul Reville, Education Week

How might education systems and approaches be redesigned to provide all our youth with all the opportunities they need to be valuable members of our communities and contributors to Nebraska’s continued vitality? In The Future of Education, the July installment of NET’s two-year initiative examining The State of Education in Nebraska, key national and state leaders confront these questions and will discuss how Nebraska is taking steps to develop an education system meeting the needs of today’s youth. 





The 6000-Hour Learning Gap
by ExpandEDSchools

By the time they reach 6th grade, middle class kids have likely spent 6,000 more hours learning than kids born into poverty.

Paul Tough's Advice to Nebraskans

Best-selling writer and speaker Paul Tough gives advice about in-school practices and about involving the community in educating our children.





John Baylor
Program Moderator, John Baylor Test Prep CEO
Matt Blomstedt, Ph.D.
Nebraska Commissioner of Education
Paul Reville
Harvard Graduate School of Education  Professor, former Massachusetts Secretary of Education
Senator Kate Sullivan
Nebraska Legislative District 41, Education Committee Chairperson
Rachel Wise
Nebraska State Board of Education President




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