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“Research demonstrates that the most important school-based factor influencing student achievement is the quality of a school's workforce, the teachers and leaders responsible for setting high expectations and delivering top quality instruction.

        — Richard Laine, National Governors Association Center for Best Practices

Teachers matter. Research supports what common sense tells us — that the professionals in charge of our children’s classrooms play a critical role in shaping young people’s academic futures.  But are there enough high quality teachers to provide all Nebraska youth with stimulating classroom environments?  Do we have systems in place to ensure that students who would benefit the most from high quality teachers, children coming from our state’s most challenging educational environments, have access to the best teachers available?  Looking over the horizon, are there enough capable college students training to be the teachers of tomorrow?  Are new Nebraska teachers getting the in-school supports they need during the first few years of their practice to become the master teachers of tomorrow?  

In this installment of The State of Education in Nebraska, key national and state leaders confront these and other questions with steps that Nebraska teacher preparation programs and districts are taking to support the development of teachers prepared to lead the schools of tomorrow.




John Baylor
Program Moderator, John Baylor Test Prep CEO
Dr. Richard Ingersoll
University of Pennsylvania Professor of Education & Sociology
Dr. Kyle McGowan
Crete Public Schools
Ferial Pearson
University of Nebraska at Omaha Instructional Coach
Chris Proulx
Omaha Education Association President




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