American Graduate Day 2013

American Graduate Day 2013

Originally aired Saturday, September 28

with videos by Nebraska Loves Public Schools (funded by the Sherwood Foundation)

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NET Learning Services and NElovesPS are proud to be a part of this multi-platform event featuring local and national programming, community partners, and celebrities, focused on improving the high school graduation rates in America. Now in its second year, the initiative involves public media entities in 33 states, including Nebraska. Using the power and reach of public media, communities across the county will be invited to take an active role and become an “American Graduate Champion” for local youth by volunteering their time, talent, or other resources.

This year’s programming, airing Saturday, September 28 from 11AM to 6PM on NET2 World, will include seven videos produced by NElovesPS through a campaign funded by The Sherwood Foundation that is designed to instill pride in the state’s schools.

We are excited to participate in American Graduate Day 2013 with NElovesPS and our fellow public media stations across the country. This multifaceted day of on-air and online programming is in line with NET’s commitment to education and engagement — encouraging kids to stay on the path to graduation, and partnering with teachers, parents, and business and community leaders to make a difference in the lives of children in Nebraska.
        —Gary Targoff, NET Assistant General Manager for Education




I Can’t Keep Up —
The True Impact of the Opportunity Gap

What prevents kids in poverty from keeping up with their peers? Access to opportunities and experiences may be the key.
Finding a Different Path

See how a dedicated team of teachers and administrators care for kids with challenging personal circumstances and empower them to discover a different path to success.

I Don’t Speak the Language — When Language Becomes a Barrier to Success
For families who don’t speak English, finding assistance within the school system can be a major obstacle.
Liberty Elementary —
A Community Solution

Watch how one Omaha school supports the entire community in order to help its students succeed.

Early Childhood Education —
A Foundation for Success

At Crete Public Schools, educators are closing the opportunity gap by leveling the playing field for even the youngest students.
I’m Not Ready —
Leveling the Playing Field Starts Early

What happens in the first few years of a child’s life can impact their entire educational future.

Cowboy GRIT Inspires a Community

Cody is a Town-Too-Tough- to-Die.
Watch how this rural community in Nebraska's Sandhills
rallied around a school project
to open the town's first grocery store in over a decade.




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