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Special thanks

Prairie Schooner

East Central University

KRPS Public Radio, Kansas

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Daily Nebraskan

Gail Beil, Historian

Robert Eisele, screenwriter (The Great Debaters)

Tripp County Historical Society, South Dakota (Mary Marson)

Archives & Special Collections, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries.

Donald C. Pierson Papers, University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City, Iowa

Special Collections/University Archives, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa 

Jane Pope Geske Heritage Room of Nebraska Authors, Lincoln City Libraries, Lincoln, Nebraska.

Archives and Special Collections, University Libraries, University of South Dakota.

South Dakota State Historical Society

Minnesota Historical Society

Pittsburg State University, Leonard H. Axe Library, Special Collections

Atlantic Monthly

Western American Literature

In appreciation to the family members of our “lost writers”

Wanda Barbee

John Gilman

Loretta Krause

Marlene Krause

Jim Lerner

Dr. Bertram A. Lewis, Jr.

Malcolm Lewis

Sidney Lewis Mathew

Franceda Veal

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