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PBS Kids Super Summer Fun Book (PDF)

Each week beginning in June and running through August, PBS Kids will release a specially selected WordGirl episode from our library.  Kids are invited to watch these episodes on our digital video services at or the free PBS KIDS Video App, and complete the supporting activities found in this booklet!


PBS Kids June Summer Adventures Activity Book (PDF)

Summer Adventures June Let's Explore 9 page activity booklet for kids.  Watch for a new one each month this summer!


PBS Kids July Summer Adventures Activity Book (PDF)

Summer Adventures July There's a World to Discover 12 page activity book for kids.  Watch for a new one each month!

PBS Kids Summer Reading Chart (PDF)

Your child can chart their own reading adventures with this reading chart. Have them log each book they read and talk with them about their experiences. What did they like about the books they read? Which characters were their favorites, and why? Would they recommend the books to others?


PBS Kids Summer Adventures Activity Booklet (PDF)

Summer learning is just around the corner with the activities in this book. You'll find activities like a neighborhood scavenger hunt, a weather tracker, a moon journal and more! Get inspired and see how much learning you can find down the street and around the corner this summer.


PBS Kids Super Summer Checklist (PDF)

What are you doing this summer? Are there places you want to go, or things you want to do? Summer is a great time to try new things or do some of your favorite things all over again. Make a list of all you want to do this summer and then check them off as you do them. We'll get you started, and you can come up with some more. This will be a super summer!


PBS Kids Bookmark (PDF)

With all the reading your child will do this summer, a bookmark can help keep track of their progress throughout the summer.


PBS Kids Going to a Restaurant (PDF)

Make your next restaurant visit an interactive learning experience by using these activities to practice reading and literacy skills while waiting for your meal.


PBS Kids Going to the Library (PDF)

Use these activities on your next visit to the library to get your children excited about reading and being at the library.


PBS Kids Going on a Trip (PDF)

Take advantage of your next trip to practice literacy skills while you explore new places,or some of your old favorites, together.



PBS Kids Book Club for Kids Parent Resource (PDF)

Have you thought about starting a book club for kids? Starting a children;s book club can seem like an overwhelming undertaking, but there are a few simple considerations and steps to follow. 



PBS Kids Reading Activities at Home Parent Resource (PDF)

Children spend a lot of their time at home.  You can support your child's learning while you do daily chores.  You can invite your child to help you, or you can provide an activity for your child to do close to you.  That way, you can talk and listen to your child while you work.


PBS Kids Seven Tips for Early Literacy Learning Parent Resource (PDF)

Hooray!  Your child can sing the alphabet like a pro! Now what? Once your child has mastered letter recognition, what can you do to help your child get on the path to literacy? Here are seven important tips to consider after your child has learned the letters of the alphabet, but before your child is reading fluently.


PBS Kids Summer Reading List Parent Resource (PDF)

Like many parents, you may have just attended an end-of-the-year conference with your child's teacher. If you did, your child's teacher probably recommended that your child read over the summer from a list of required or recommended books. Some children welcome the idea of reading books from a summer reading list.  For others, particularly weak or reluctant readers, school reading lists can seem like a chore. Try some of these tips to make sure your child's require summer reading goes smoothly.





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