2019 Writers Contest Winners

Congratulations to the writers of these winning entries!

Thank you to everyone who submitted entries to the 2019 NET PBS KIDS Writers Contest! In 2019, we received over 100 entries from 34 towns in Nebraska. Our judges loved reading all of the creative stories that were sent in. Congratulations to the following winners:


1st Place: Birds Don't Play Basketball by Patrick H., Omaha

2nd Place: Monarch's Great Adventure by Violet N., Omaha

3rd Place: The Magical Land of Candy Sparkles by Lucy L., Boys Town

First Grade

1st Place: A Powerful President by Thomas H., Omaha

2nd Place: The Story of Friz the Fox by Marissa G., O'Neill

3rd Place: Carol's Great Adventure by Anna P., Omaha

Second Grade

1st Place: Cici and Jewel by Alisha S., Omaha

2nd Place: Natalie's First State Music Festival by Harriet K., Lincoln

3rd Place: Skunked by Joben M., Lincoln

Third Grade

1st Place: Camping Adventure! by Ellie T., Elkhorn

2nd Place: Dad's Fishy Surprise by Jonah B., Omaha

3rd Place: Learning To Be Brave by Lillian M., Bayard