NET Sustaining Star Program

I am already an NET Sustaining Star but would like to make a one-time additional gift.

NET Sustaining Stars provide dependable financial support on an ongoing monthly basis and enjoy perpetual renewal of NET membership and all its associated benefits. In short, a sustaining membership puts more of your gift to work buying and producing the programs you enjoy, while allowing you the convenience and simplicity of automatic renewal.

Become an NET Sustaining Star Today

Simply visit to start your NET Sustaining Star donation. 

Choose to give ongoing monthly gifts with your checking account (EFT)* or with your credit card.

  • EFT Donations: The first donation will be processed on Friday, and subsequent monthly EFT gifts will be processed on the 7th or following business day of each month
  • Credit Card Donations: The first donation will be processed immediately, and subsequent monthly credit card gifts will be processed on the 3rd or following business day of each month. 

Your monthly donations to NET will continue at this donation level, and you'll always support NET. 

You may change your monthly donation amount at any time by calling us at (800) 634-6788. 

*Make your gift go even further when you choose to donate via an automatic deduction from your checking account (EFT). Approximately 3.5% of credit card donations go toward credit card transaction fees. 

Simplify Your Life

Convenience – Donations are made through automatic secure bank withdrawal or credit card charge, saving you time and money since you never have to write another check or find a stamp. Spreading support over the year also makes generosity easier on your budget.

Peace of mind – Your membership automatically renews and is always active, so you never have to worry about renewing or figuring out when you last gave.


  • Receive the monthly magazine INSIDE NET, as well as e-newsletters with programming and event information.
  • Receive information regarding FREE ticket offers available only to Sustaining Stars when NET has extra tickets.
  • Access thousands of hours of extended on-demand video from PBS and NET using NET Passport.

Flexibility – You are able to change your payments at any time by clicking here or by calling (800) 634-6788.


NET Customer Service
(800) 634-6788
M-F, 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. CT